The image shows grooming of an owl.(Screengrab)
The image shows grooming of an owl.(Screengrab)

Video of grooming sessions of animals is too cute to handle

The video is an instant stress buster.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 13, 2021 07:53 PM IST

Animal videos are incredibly amazing to watch. If you also agree to that statement, here is a video that will speak to your soul. A montage of clips, it shows the grooming sessions of different animals.

The video opens to show a hooman spraying water on an owl and by the bird’s reaction it looks like it is thoroughly enjoying the process. Then there is this doggo who is absolutely unhappy that its human is trying to cut its fingernails. There is even one clip where a deer tries to groom a kitty but at the end how the animal reacts may leave you laughing out loud.

We won’t give away much, take a look at the video to enjoy the adorable and funny grooming sessions of animals:

Well, wasn’t that just the perfect stress buster? Which of the animal made you laugh the most? Or do you love them all?

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