The image is a screenshot from the video.(Screengrab)
The image is a screenshot from the video.(Screengrab)

Video showing animals being silly is a pure delight to watch

The video will leave you giggling hard.
PUBLISHED ON MAR 26, 2021 11:45 AM IST

Are you someone who searches the Internet for those videos which capture cute antics of animals? Do you think those videos act as instant pick-me-ups for you? Are you looking forward to see such a clip today? Then, here is a video showcasing silly animals that may steal your heart.

The super cute video is a montage of clips capturing shenanigans of the animals. There is a possibility that the clip will leave you amused and also make you giggle.

The video opens to show a dog dragging itself across a carpet. It is, however, the reaction of a cat standing nearby which makes the clip absolutely entertaining to watch. That is not all that the video has to offer.

As the clip progresses, the viewers are treated with several hilarious and lovable movements. Just like this once where a dog refuses to let its pet parent visit the washroom alone and insists on accompany them.

We won’t give away much, take a look at the video:

What do you think of the clip? Isn’t it absolutely adorable?

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