Viral tiktok: Passenger turns economy class into VIP section with a ‘genius’ trick

ByJahanvi Sharma
Aug 05, 2023 12:59 AM IST

A viral tiktok of a passenger converting an economy seat into their personal VIP section gained a contradictory audience on the internet. What's the buzz about?

Privacy is definitely not overrated. Who wouldn't want to enjoy long hours of travel while watching their favourite shows from the comfort of their seat?

California passenger finds innovative way to convert economy seat into private seat
California passenger finds innovative way to convert economy seat into private seat

In a viral video on Tiktok, a passenger makes their dream of privacy and comfort in the economy a reality.

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The video was shared by a Californian passenger Giga Vashakidze, on a flight from San Diego to Venice, Italy, when he noticed a co-passenger using the blanket provided by the airline to achieve the highest level of privacy.

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The passenger tucked part of the blue blanket in the overhead compartment and left the rest hanging down, creating a sort of curtain that separated them from the rest of the passengers as they watched something on their screen.

The video struck a debate among the social media audience on the platform. Giga recorded the video and posted it to Tiktok asking travellers if they'd ever witnessed anything like it.

“Caught my neighbor turning economy class into a VIP section. Has anyone else experienced this on their flight?” he asked.

Viewed by about half a million people people have chosen sides on this one.

While some commented “GENIUS” and others agreed, one viewer actually commented that they were keen to implement this on their next economy flight.

The video, however, has left some shocked as to how the airline could have allowed the passenger to get away with this. Some are also questioning how the other passengers were not even phased a little bit.

Many also came up with funny comments like “Emergency evacuation might be an issue I guess.”

With all the weird and funny videos surfacing the internet, one viewer rightly commented, “Nothing surprises me anymore about people.” Guess we gotta enjoy the quirky new tactics people come up with IRL to aid themselves as much as possible.

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