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Woman, who moved to Mumbai for internship, terminated by law firm after taking sick leave

ByVrinda Jain
Jun 13, 2024 03:00 PM IST

A woman shared how she was terminated from an internship after she moved from Pune to Mumbai. She also added that she was removed after taking a sick leave.

A LinkedIn user took to the social media platform to share an experience that has left her "emotionally frustrated and disheartened". She posted how a law firm, for whom she shifted from Pune to Mumbai fired her after she could not go to the office due to fever.

The woman expressed her frustration over toxic work culture. (Unsplash)
The woman expressed her frustration over toxic work culture. (Unsplash)

"I was perplexed as I was diligently performing my duties, and no associates had any complaints about my work. When I called HR to inquire about the reason for my termination, she had no justification to offer, merely stating that it was the partner's decision," the woman wrote in the post.

She added, "The next morning, I approached the partner to understand the rationale behind this abrupt termination, especially after I had relocated for this opportunity. His response was shocking and dismissive – 'Kya problem hai apko? Yeh mera firm hai, and mei jab chahu tab kisiko bhi uda sakta hun. (What is your problem? It is my firm; I can fire anyone I want to.) He further added, "Aap sirf intern ho, why are you asking so much? Koi contract nahi kiya hai apke sath. (You are just an intern; why are you asking so much? There is no contract with you.)" (Also Read: Employee quits job after boss cancels his annual leave. See viral text exchange)

At the end of the post, she expressed her frustration over toxic work culture.

Earlier, a diabetic woman, who took off from work due to a medical emergency was fired from work. The woman took to Reddit, to explain how her boss fired her for using a sick day. She also added, that their boss dropped all her belongings to her home.

After the incident, the woman decided to express her frustration and replied to the boss by saying, "I didn't really realise that a dangerous night of bloodsugars so high they could've put me in a hospital bed would be the end of working there, so yeah, I guess training is a no-go, but I won't pretend to appreciate the gesture of dropping off my things as I think it's quite likely that you simply can't face the gross decision of firing somebody over a medical emergency, let alone look me in the eye afterwards." (Also Read: Employee treated like a 'pest' by boss after he had to take off due to injury. Here's what happened)

At the end, she also said that she would have given a doctor's note if the company asked.

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