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Employee quits job after boss cancels his annual leave. See viral text exchange

Feb 18, 2024 08:55 PM IST

The boss first tries to cancel the man’s approved leave and then asks him to reduce leave from three weeks to three days, ultimately making him quit his job.

Imagine this: You’ve planned your annual leave, booked flight tickets and made reservations well in advance. You’re looking forward to your vacation. However, you receive a text from your boss that your approved leave has been revoked. What would your reaction be? Something similar happened with a man whose boss cancelled his planned leave. Wondering what he did next? Well, he quit his job. Now, screenshots of their text exchange are going viral on social media.

An employee quits his job after his boss cancels his leave for his brother's wedding in Bali. (Representational Image/Unsplash)
An employee quits his job after his boss cancels his leave for his brother's wedding in Bali. (Representational Image/Unsplash)

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The now-viral text exchange was shared by Michael Sanz on TikTok. Sanz is a business owner and outsourcing expert with whom people share their experiences with their bosses.

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The first message, as quoted by news.com.au, is from the boss. It reads, “Hi Noel, Jenny has resigned so we need to cancel your leave next week- all hands on deck while we try to replace her. We can push back a few months. I’ve advised HR it’s now changed for you. Appreciate your understanding. Regards Nick.”

The employee replies to this message saying that he can’t cancel his leave as he has to attend his brother’s wedding in Bali. The reply, as per news.com.au, reads, “I totally appreciate how frustrating this would be to management. But what do you mean you already told HR my leave has changed? Unfortunately, I can’t cancel my leave as it’s my brother’s wedding in Bali, all flights are paid for and my kids are in the wedding party. I did book this in seven months ago, so cancelling isn’t an option. I can help out more until I leave if that helps, but I can’t change my leave dates.”

The outlet further reports that Nick then asked Noel to reduce his leave from three weeks to three days, saying, “Not sure what you can do for three weeks in Bali. Haha.”

Noel replied to this and wrote, “I feel terrible that the company is in this position, but I can’t cancel or amend.” He also shared the reason why he couldn’t amend or cancel his trip. “It’s a family trip, we haven’t been together in years and I haven’t had annual leave in three years. It’s also no one’s business how I spend my leave. Can’t you get a temporary or two? Who did you have to look after my portfolio while I was away? Hope it wasn’t Jenny. Either way, you have me until I leave, so I can help out till then.”

The boss then declared, “Mate, can’t stress enough, your leave is cancelled. We just can’t do it. I am sorry.”

This didn’t go down well with Noel, who responded by saying that he no longer wanted to work for the company.

“I actually don’t want to come back to work now. I’m quite shocked at this email. I’m going to take my leave earlier and will start from today. While away I will think about if working with a company that does not promote boundaries is a place I really want to work at. I am also sending this as an email to Aaron and HR as it’s totally unreasonable,” reads the text sent by Noel to Nick, as reported by news.com.au.

In response to these text exchanges, Sanz told news.com.au, “Whilst people can be familiar during work, often when leadership tries to infringe on personal space/time, we see staff bite back. They are only paid to perform certain duties and more often already feel undervalued and underpaid.”

He added, “Companies need to provide better education to management and staff around work leave so there are no levels of guilt that they often put on leave takers.”

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