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Anything for Antakshari

This couple pre-poned their marriage to take part in the show, reportsUsha Thomas
None | By Usha Thomas, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 10, 2007 01:52 PM IST

An amusing incident was revealed on the set of this week's episode of Antakshari (Star One).

Two participants from each of the four zones–West, North, East and Central– sing every week to win Rs one lakh and the opportunity to make it to the finals.

The current series covers different categories of relationships every week. To qualify in the weekly auditions held every Monday at various cities, one had to be a married couple. At the auditions held at Carnavati Club in Ahmedabad this Monday, among many married jodis were Jay Chavda and Dimple Pancholi.

They proved themselves to be good singers but there was a hitch. They were only engaged. Naturally, they were disappointed.

Did they give up? Well, as it turns out, they pre-poned their wedding and ended up representing the West Zone as a married couple.And cheekily enough they brought homemade dhokla for hosts Annu Kapoor and Juhi Parmar.

Chavda recounts, "There was no way we would have given up our dream. We convinced our parents and married a few months ahead of the decided schedule. Though we lost the challenge, the experience was awesome."

This week features singers V. Hemachandra, Nihira Joshi and Abhijeet Bhattacharya as guests .

Director-producer Gajendrra Siingh says, "The fervour among audiences to participate in this show is to be seen to be believed. A couple like Jay and Dimple exemplify this. This week also had Annu singing a special song for Women's Day. It was touching to see the audience weep as he sang a song for all mothers."

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