Bigg Boss 11 Dec 20 written update: Vikas says Hina deliberately falls on men then cries foul

Bigg Boss season 11, doesn’t disappoint no matter how lame the tasks get. On Wednesday’s episode, Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta found a reason to fight about a fake chicken and her golden eggs.

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HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
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Hina Khan and Vikas Gupta had a big fight during the Poultry Farm task.(Colors)

Akash Dadlani, quite unexpectedly, became the hero of the Poultry Farm task on Bigg Boss on Wednesday. While he had earlier said he would not participate in the game, once the stakes got higher, he jumped in all guns blazing.

Vikas Gupta and his merry band of brothers tried their hardest to protect his egg and thus his nomination for captaincy. However, Akash came under the pretence of acting like the court clown, messing around with people ‘just for fun’ but swiftly grabbed the egg and dunked it in the pool. What ensued was a series of gasps, some hi-fives and a lot of gloating.

Akash screamed how he was the only ‘mard in the house’, ‘the fastest man’ and how the rest of them were losers.

There were also some petty fights and some big wars between the contestants. The episode kicked off where we left the inmates on Tuesday.

Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde were caught up in a pathetic little squabble and the best Arshi could do was scream BOTOX! in a sing-song manner to irritate Shilpa and us.

Shilpa fantasised about leaving the house and dealing with the likes of Arshi outside, but Arshi overhears her and gives a massive burn to Shilpa with her words: Make sure we don’t get ahead of you when we leave this house and you’ll be left waving at us.

Later, Shilpa was spotted crying in the bathroom, talking to herself about losing the little respect she had earned with her work, by participating on the show and how no one appreciates her work in the house. It would have been quite an emotional moment, but then you realise who the hell cries and cribs out loud? People who want footage on television.

Hina Khan too had a weird little day in the house. After quarrelling with Luv Tyagi on Tuesday, she shifted her focus to Priyank Sharma on Wednesday. She accused him of lying, taking Vikas Gupta’s side, being too meek, too scared of Vikas and more.

There was some dreaded little deal about a note in the toilet flush with a message for Hiten Tejwani/Priyank Sharma-- the real recipient has still not been established to this date. The note caused a great deal of confusion and misunderstandings.

Finally, Priyank told Hina that he won’t talk to Hina about Vikas or with Vikas about Hina. That gossip life just isn’t for him.

During the Poultry Farm task, when Hina was trying to snatch Vikas’ egg from him, Vikas fell on top of her and Shilpa during the tussle. She called him out for it and said he can’t do that to women. Vikas was having none of it and said she touches and pushed men around all the time but cried foul when someone does the same to her. He said she takes advantage of being a woman.

There was a lot more fighting about the eggs through the rest of the episode. However, tomorrow promises a big night between Hina, Priyank and Vikas. Stay tuned for it.

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First Published: Dec 21, 2017 00:14 IST