Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar written update day 77 December 22: Rashami Desai, Sidharth Shukla fight over ‘aisi ladki’ comment as Salman Khan plays peacemaker

Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar written update: After an explosive episode of Weekend Ka Vaar with Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai fighting with each other, it was perhaps time to soothe nerves.
Bigg Boss 13’s Weekend Ka Vaar saw Mallika Sherawat flirt with Salman Khan.
Bigg Boss 13’s Weekend Ka Vaar saw Mallika Sherawat flirt with Salman Khan.
Updated on Dec 23, 2019 12:26 AM IST
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Even by the standard of Bigg Boss, the Saturday episode of Weekend Ka Vaar was as explosive and violent as it could get. Not just Rashami Desai and Sidharth Shukla, just about everybody inside the house fought with each other. The only one, who more or less, held their nerves were Vikas Gupta and Shefali Bagga. Arhaan Khan’s threat to throw acid on Sidharth in a fit of rage has shocked audience, who tagged Mumbai Police and Salman Khan and demanded action against him.

Here are some highlights from Sunday’s episode of Weekend Ka Vaar:

Salman Khan was his sarcastic best on Sunday’s episode, he suggested that the makers of Bigg Boss start the ‘Sultani Akhada’ section all over again. He added that the makers are scared that if they did so, the inmates might really harm themselves. Before starting his interrogation he asked all to speak in the same pitch (as in be respectful and civilised).

He first asked Asim and Paras to share their versions of their fight at the dining table. Both said that the other spoke ill of their family members, and the women of their families. Asim called Sidharth a ‘don’.

At one point, Salman asked Rashami, Shehnaaz and Shefali Zariwala if Paras, Sidharth and Mahira targetted them. Shehnaz and Shefali claimed everyone was at fault. Vikas was the only one who sensible. He said some would constantly poke one person, and then the other person would lose his cool and pick up a fight. Salman asked him to name them and then, Vikas named Asim and Paras and Sidharth.

It was then Rashami and Sidharth’s turn. Salman asked Sidharth what he meant by ‘aisi ladki’. Sidharth, in his defence, said what he meant was simply ‘Rashami Desai jaisi’. Rashami was, of course, agitated and angrily retorted ‘Aisi yaane kaisi?’ Salman too agreed and told Sidharth that everybody knew what ‘aisi ladki’ meant.

Rashami then turned towards him and abused him again (which was beeped out) for the audience. Sidharth was seen angrily saying “aisa kuch matt bol ki mera mooh khule’. Rashami continued to tell Salman ‘… ghar pe bulana bandh kar diya yaane main kaisi hungi sir?’ Sidharth then explained that there was a time when she used to go to his house. That’s when Salman angrily said that “why are you getting your past here?”

There was also a long argument on the ‘naukrani’ word that Sidharth used for her.

Meanwhile, Sidharth kept insisting that his statement ‘aisi ladki’ simply meant that he did not want to be associated with a girl like Rashmi. Salman asked him to give his definition of women – Sidharth explained that he meant girls who play the ‘Girl Card’, who manipulate, etc. Much abusive exchanged followed. Sidharth kept insisting that his comment had no character assassination but Rashami and her friends insisted that his gestures were very demeaning.

Rashami was getting hysterical -- crying and fighting – so much so that even Salman lost it. He wanted to know as to why she was insisting on what he meant with ‘aisi ladki’. He explained that Sidharth had made it clear that he meant nothing bad; he then asked her to ‘let it go’. When you know that that there is dirt in a box, why do you go and open it – Salman asked Rashami. Sidharth then wanted to get it clear if Salman meant him as ‘dirt box’ because he said that for the next couple of days the rival gang would go teasing him as dirty box.

An exasperated Salman told the makers if they wanted to extend this Bigg Boss 13 by four more weeks, they should get Farah Khan as host as he was not okay with this s***.

Salman then said that the inmates should be shown some footage to see how they behave. He declared that he would never want to have ‘such’ people in his house.

After a while, Sidharth burst into a monologue explaining in his house, his sisters have not been taught to play the victim card or the girl card, but that all of them had been taught to play fair – fight or not fight at all. After a while, Vishal and Sidharth too got into a fight.

To round up, Salman said even in the last season Vikas and Shilpa Shinde fought bitterly but it was not like what was happening between Sidharth and Rashami. He revealed that they had problems before and that their personalities were so different that they couldn’t tolerant each other.

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However, he also had an advice for them – he said that in this industry, they would have to work together again. In the film industry, along with talent, temperament also matters. Thus saying, Salman left them.

Later, a dumbfounded Shehnaaz was seen confiding in Shefali Bagga that she felt that there must have been something very serious between the two of them, like a boyfriend and girlfriend scene, otherwise, they wouldn’t have fought the way they did.

Shehnaz has been supporting Sidharth but to many it seems she has a soft corner for him. Paras, in fact, told her as much and taunted her asking why did she not come out in his support when Rashami and he fought. To that, Shehnaz insisted that she felt that both were at fault.

Soon it was time for some fun moments when Mallika Sherawat met Salman. She began flirting with him and even embarrassed him once, making him blushing. They danced to her hit song Jalebi Bai, they joked and, he even asked her about her experience of meeting the inmates. She mentioned how they were all very sweet but was shocked to hear about the fights.

Finally, Salman came to the most crucial part of the episode – mentioning that on the nominated list were the following - Sidharth, Asim, Vishal, Madhurima, Arti, Shefali bagga and Arhaan. He also declared on the basis of audience votes, at the bottom rung were Vishal and Arhaan. That’s where the show ended.

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