Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 27: Deepthi is worried her career would end after show

On Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss Telugu, contestants chose their new captain and contemplated on their future after the show.

tv Updated: Jul 07, 2018 12:39 IST
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Kushal was crowned the new captain of the house.

The housemates in the Bigg Boss Telugu house woke up on a high note after completing the luxury budget task successfully the previous night. What they didn’t know was the fact that the contestants will not be getting any luxury items this week. While the contestants were awarded 2000 points for the task, the points were later taken away as they didnot follow the house rules.

The task to decide a new captain also took place. Kaushal, Samrat, Tejaswi and Deepthi were selected to compete in the task. Each of them is instructed to rescue fellow contestants who have been ‘kidnapped’. Kaushal wins the task.

Babu Gogineni’s conjecture regarding the upcoming elimination led to Deepthi bursting in tears. She is worried that she is being dragged into an issue that doesn’t concern her. When housemates were gossiping about Tejaswi and Samrat, Deepthi did not comment but her name is repeated by Tejaswi. In fact, the next day when Geetha tried to discuss the issue with her, she said that it was not okay to judge someone’s personal decisions. However, Tejaswi had no knowledge of this and neither does Babu. Hence, he thinks that Deepthi is in danger zone this week. It is Kaushal who told Deepthi what Babu thought about eliminations and when he revealed why, she is shocked.

Deepthi tried to clarify with Babu, who stands by his judgement and explains that even if she didn’t comment about Tejaswi, they all did talk about Sunainaa. This led to Deepthi breaking down and worrying about her career when she gets out of the Bigg Boss house.

Tejaswi, who didn’t understand the repercussions, told Samrat that Deepthi is only delving into the past even after their apology.

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First Published: Jul 07, 2018 12:38 IST