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BIGG BOSS 6: Imam Siddique apologises to Urvashi Dholakia

After a period of 98 days and a nail biting finale, Bigg Boss season 6 came to an end with Urvashi Dholakia being declared the winner. As they finally exit the house, the five finalists share their travails and triumphs.

tv Updated: Jan 14, 2013 13:49 IST
Kavita Awaasthi

After a period of 98 days and a nail biting finale, Bigg Boss season 6 came to an end with Urvashi Dholakia being declared the winner. Urvashi has won the grand prize of Rs 50 lakhs and a trophy. During the course of her stay, the actor faced tough competition from fellow inmate Imam Siddiqui, who won Rs 10 lakhs for creative contribution to the show and additional Rs 5 lakhs for being declared as Mr Manoranjan.

While Sana Khan, Niketan Madhok and Rajev Paul might have returned home sans any prizes, the trio claims that the show was a once-in-a- lifetime experience.

Famous for his fights and histrionics in the house, 47-year-old Imam Siddiqui nevertheless was the entertainer.

It must be disappointing to come so close and not win?
Not at all. I am pragmatic and believe that if the audiences wanted me to win, I would have won. I apologise for saying that Urvashi plays negative roles in serials, which is why she has become negative. That’s not true. But I don’t regret having said it. Urvashi rocked the show in more ways than other people.

People felt you were brought into the house to trigger fights and generate entertainment. Do you agree?
Not necessarily. For a creative project, it was imperative to add several elements and characters to make it entertaining. For me, such a platform was a manna from heaven.

After Bigg Boss, what’s next for you?
Lots, Inshallah. I got an award for my contribution to the show. I got Rs 10 lakh in addition to the Rs 5 lakh I got as ‘Mr Manoranjan’. This (a cash award) is unprecedented in Bigg Boss. The show has been the best platform in my career. I am honoured.

We caught up with all five of them at the finale and got them talking about their stint in the house and future plans. Khan

Despite not taking home the winnner’s title, Sana Khan says she isn’t very disheartened with the way things turned out. She tells us why.

You were a hot favourite on the show and were also seen flirting with Vishal (Karwal) and Rajev (Paul).

I got linked with boys as well as girls. The only person I didn’t get linked with was Imam. I’d never imagined that I’d be linked with a girl, which was funny. There’s nothing between Aashka (Goradia) and me. But I found the rumours very amusing.

Even Salman (Khan) grew very fond of you on the show.

He’s a sweetheart. To be part of a show like this and to interact with a superstar like Salman was special. To get compliments from him was wonderful.

People think that you took up this show so that you could get into Bollywood.

I am a heroine; that’s my job. So I will present myself like that. Now that I am out, I hope my dream to do good films comes true.

What is your equation with Vishal?
Talking or flirting with a guy doesn’t mean that we are in love. Even Salmanji said so many nice things about me, but why didn’t anyone link me up with him? That’s because he’s a superstar. I am linked with Vishal as he’s a commoner.

Urvashi Dholakia

What are you going to do with the prize money?

I don’t talk much about my family though everyone knows that I have kids (two twin sons). I am a private person, but I will say this out loud that the prize money is for their future. They are my future.

What did you learn about yourself in the house?

I learnt that I have a lot of patience. I wasn’t confident of being around strangers stuck in a house. I wondered how I would be able to convince everyone about the real me, even as they’d form opinions and be judgemental about me. you proud of your conduct in the house?

When I joined the show, I wasn’t liked by many people. But by the end of the season, I was friendly with everyone. I remember saying (in the house) that we talk about winning the audiences’ hearts for votes, but shouldn’t we win the hearts of people in the house first? I stuck to that philosophy throughout the show.

Whose behaviour surprised you the most?
I don’t form opinions about people till I know them well, and I didn’t know most people in the house. Being judgemental isn’t me at all. When everyone had formed an opinion about Imam, I was the only one who told him its fine to play the game but there’s no point in doing it in a negative manner.

Niketan Madhok

The always calm and composed model, Niketan Madhok, was tipped as a favourite to win the show, but he lost out to Urvashi. He’s glad he came so close to the finish line.

Why do you think you missed out?
I don’t think I missed out at all. Being a finalist was a big deal for me. I never expected to stick around for more than a few weeks. For me, moving on was a big surprise.

How do you look back at the show?
It was a great learning experience for me; a fantastic journey. I surprised myself more than anyone else for having lasted so long. I’m glad to know that I have good interpersonal skills.

What shocked you most in the house?
The most shocking part was how people react without knowing the other person or the context of things. Everyone had an opinion. When you spoke, what you said or what you didn’t say – you were judged on everything.

Any plans for a TV career?
Not as of now. I don’t even have a plan for tomorrow. I had the smoothest ride in Bigg Boss as I didn’t have any emotional upheavals.

Rajev Paul
Sharing the same roof for over three months with your ex after a divorce, and that too on a reality show seems a daunting proposition. Rajev Paul used the chance to woo his ex Delnaz Irani back but failed. He explains himself.

Were you shocked to be eliminated?
I was a bit dazed as I wasn’t expecting it, especially after declining the sum of Rs 20 lakhs that was offered for voluntary exit.

What do you think of details of your divorce with Delnaz coming out on the show?
I have been cordial and nice with her. I even stood up for her. Feelings don’t die overnight. I agreed to leave the house with her when she was feeling low; now who does that? Eventually when everyone told me I should let it go, I did. It’s the end of the chapter for me.

People felt it was insensitive of you to flirt with Sana, with Delnaz around in the house.
I don’t care what others say. Did Sana ever say I flirted with her? I am single, why would I deny what I feel, even if the girl is 20 years old. Saif (Ali Khan) is married to Kareena (Kapoor), who is much younger to him. Does anyone object to that? However, I am not insinuating that I have anything to do with Sana.

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