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Bigg Boss 9: All the people we wish would come to the show

We have come up with a list of our own and if it were a perfect world, this would be the final list of participants:

tv Updated: Sep 19, 2015 13:31 IST
Soumya Srivastava
Soumya Srivastava
Hindustan Times
Bigg Boss,Bigg Boss 9,Salman Khan
Salman Khan poses for the first promotions of Bigg Boss 9.

The Bigg Boss season is upon us and the rumour mills are working overtime, trying to speculate who will grace our television sets for more than three months this time. Salman Khan is definitely returning to the show but what about the contestants?

We have come up with a list of our own and if it were a perfect world, this would be the final list of participants:

Yogendra Yadav

The prodigal son who never returned. Yogendra Yadav, who was once the right hand guy to Arvind Kejriwal had the most dramatic exit from the Aam Admi Party. And who has forgotten his teary-eyed monologue on national television. We believe he is the perfect drama queen for Bigg Boss.


Redemption came late for this tainted cricketer but all’s well that ends well, isn’t it? Remember the time he got sobbing on the field when Harbhajan Singh plastered a high five on his face? That incident got us talking for a long time. Maybe he can provide us with more gossip-worthy stuff on the show.

Preeti Gupta

Every year there is a star who makes headlines for a sex scandal and this was the year of Preeti Gupta. The TV actor was known for acting in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki once upon a time. Nude images and videos of her's leaked online in the last week of June. The images were from her upcoming film Unfreedom which was banned from release in the country. That is enough scandal to qualify her for the show.

Farah Khan Ali and Abhijeet

The two took to Twitter to vent their anger after the ruling that sent Salman Khan to the gallows in May this year, but didn't expect the backlash for their vitriolic, tasteless and insensitive tweets. Farah wrote “It's like penalising a train driver because someone decided to cross the tracks and got killed in the bargain. #salmankhancase” while Abhijeet wrote “Kutta rd pe soyega kutte ki maut marega, roads garib ke baap ki nahi hai I ws homles an year nvr slept on rd”. Still cringing? So are we. The two apologised for their insensitive tweets but we are sure they might crack again under all that pressure.

Rahul Yadav

The CEO and self-proclaimed Tony Stark, Rahul Yadav is the stuff Bigg Boss is made of. We can’t even imagine a person better suited for the show. His on-again, off-gain relationship with his employers was an excellent source of entertainment for the rest of the country. Please, please Bigg Boss! Make sure he is there.

Radhe Maa

We all need a little spiritual help from time to time and who better to bless the house of Bigg Boss than the ‘pure and pious’ lady Radhe Maa herself? She rose to fame among the masses with her pictures in red mini-skirts leaking online in August. There the pictures were let loose and here the internet trolls had a field day. Bless us Radhe Maa, come to the show!

Hardik Patel

The Gujju boy who gave the whole of Gujarat government nightmares for days. He asked for reservation for the Patel community in August. This ferocious young man knows how to stand by his argument and do whatever necessary to not bend down. It'll be interesting to see how he fights it out with other contestants on basic tasks.

Tanmay Bhat

Internet sensation AIB’s rudest child. Remember the AIB roast? Need we say more? It will be something to see Tanmay giving it to people as it is without sugar-coating anything for anyone.

Milind Soman

One eye candy per season is mandatory. Milind Soman recently made a re-entry in our collective consciousness with his Ironman Marathon and looking like that even at 50. He made us all think that maybe we didn’t give the gorgeous guy his due. How about a second chance with Bigg Boss?

Mia Khalifa

Remember when Bigg Boss introduced us to Sunny Leone and all our lives got a little better? How about making us meet with the world’s No. 1 porn star this time? Lebanese-American adult film actor Mia Khalifa will make a good wild-card entry or even a guest for an episode. We may be reaching a little too high on this one but hey! What’s the harm in trying?

Daniel Weber

Not much is known about Sunny Leone’s director-producer husband and with Bigg Boss, we hope we could get some insight on what it's like to be a porn star’s husband. We are sure he has only good things to say about Sunny!

First Published: Sep 08, 2015 19:43 IST