Bigg Boss boys back on TV

Here's a low down on Bigg Boss 4 inmates Ashmit Patel and Hrishant Goswami who will be hosting TV shows Superstud — The School Of Flirt and Love Kiya Toh Darna Kya.

tv Updated: Jun 22, 2011 18:58 IST

Ashmit turns professional flirt?
His recent antics on Bigg Boss 4 with housemate and rumoured flame Veena Mallik earned Ashmit Patel various tags. One of them, according to him, is that of a ‘playboy’. Cashing in on it, Patel will now return to the tube as a mentor-host of the show, Superstud — The School Of Flirt. “Every week, I will train the 13 selected contestants in the art of charming a lady, based on what I’ve learnt from my personal experiences with (pauses)… various women,” says Patel, straight-faced.

All the men, who applied to be part of the show, were made to speed date six women, who rated them and narrowed the number down to the final 13. This lot will compete to emerge as the ‘superstud’ and win a trip for two to Las Vegas.

Patel, who has managed to make headlines for all the wrong reasons for many years, is now trying to use his popularity to his advantage. And even though none of those ‘headlines’ ever implied that he is a ‘shy’ person, he claims otherwise. “I’m serious,” he insists.

“I’m an introvert, and as crazy as this sounds, I don’t make an effort to get with women, not because I’m arrogant but because I’m shy.” And that is exactly what he’s teaching the contestants. “Honesty works for me. I’m not a bad looking guy, so why should I pretend? Women can see through bullsh*t. The show requires someone who these guys can look up to and my image fits it well,” explains the actor.

Patel doesn’t seem to mind that the show can add to existing speculation about him and Mallik, who appears as a guest judge on the show. “A lot of my friends will be on the show. Last I heard, we were getting married, before which some reports said we broke up. I’ve begun taking all this lightly since the chronology of events doesn’t make sense,” he jokes. Others expected to make appearances on the show include Neha Dhupia and Jacqueline Fernandez.

Flirting Rules
1.Ladies love compliments.
2.Think with your head, flirt with your heart.
3.Be honest in your intentions, women have a keen sixth sense.
4.Refrain from cheesy pick up lines, though sometimes they work in breaking the ice. Still, refrain.
5.Don’t read too much into the first conversation. to help those in relationships communicate with their kin

Hrishant Goswami, who was last seen in Bigg Boss 4 a few months back, finally has something on TV that he can call his own. Channel V has signed the model-actor to host a new reality show, Love Kiya Toh Darna Kya. As the name suggests, the show deals with relationships and still claims to be different from a flurry of similar shows on TV. "The idea is to help couples communicate with their families. Nowadays, there is a big communication gap between the youth and their parents. So keeping in mind the situation and where the problem lies, it could be an inter-caste or religion issue. It also depends on the parents and their beliefs and ideologies," says Hrishant.

As part of the show’s format, every couple will undergo a task on the episode, following which Hrishant will help them bridge the communication barrier between them and their parents. "Ultimately it’s between the couples and their parents.

I can only speak and try my best to be the advocate for the couples. I can’t do anything beyond that," he adds.

Hrishant will host the show over a span of two months and every episode will feature a new couple. Ask him how he would convince his girlfriend’s parents, had he found himself in a similar situation, and he replies, "I’m a level-headed guy and I would try my best to explain it to them. Even if they don’t agree, I guess I would be with her anyway, simply because I’m in love with her."

Some of the couples on the show will also be gay. Isn’t that going to be a tough job, considering India is a country with strong traditional values and beliefs? "I personally know of cases where parents have accepted gay couples, though it’s not a widely acknowledged decision. But then again, this dependens on the outlook of the parents. In the end, it’s all about love and if you’re in love, you will go all out to overcome your obstacles. Eventually, it all boils down to the parents conditioning, their value system and personal beliefs."

First Published: Jun 18, 2011 14:01 IST