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‘I have to resist women'

Vikas Sethi chats with Gautam Hegde about Zara Nach Ke Dikha, his wedding, love, Nach Baliye and more...
Hindustan Times | By Gautam Hegde, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUL 09, 2008 12:03 PM IST

Vivaah is about a mum who is groomhunting for her betis..

Were you also hot property when you were single?
I was in the US for a year. And the Gujarati and Sindhi community were after me. But I was already dating Amita who's now my wife.

How long has it been since your real life vivaah?
It's been eight years. (Laughs) And the seven-year itch is just a myth.

Any funny memories from your wedding?
Drinks weren't allowed, so guests sneaked alcohol in Coke cans. It started raining cats and dogs. We had to finish the pheras fast and rush inside.

Quite a monsoon wedding, huh?
(Laughs) Yeah, I even tried to bribe the pandit to hurry up things.

Is there anything you are better at than Amita? Cooking or driving?
Amita can't drive. And she hardly cooks. But when she does, it's lipsmacking stuff.

Would you be open to another season of Nach Baliye?
Of course. It was a great experience. It also helped Amita understand my work and the industry better. Today, if I come home stressed and don't talk to her for 45 minutes, she knows where I'm coming from.

You stepped on her toe during NB3. Has she retaliated yet?
Her nail once hit my eye.. but it wasn't as bad.

Zara Nach Ke Dikha also launches this week?
Yes, it's a boys versus girls competition. I'm doing it only because I love dancing.

How do you react when you watch your film Oops on TV?
I go, Oops! If a sequel to Oops was planned.. I'd love to be a part of it. I think Oops was a film ahead of its time.

Your hair has got shorter with every show you have been doing?
I don't like repeating my look. I had long hair earlier, then I cut it short and now it's spiky .

When was the last time some one hit on you?
I don't even remember how it is to hit on any one.. or be at the receiving end.

When was the last time you got scolded?
My wife scolded me last night - I wasn't listening to her.

Can you resist women, food and money?
I have to resist women because I carry a ‘married man' tag on my forehead. I can't resist food. And I don't want to resist money .

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