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I hope I can boost the TRPs: Nikkhil

Nikkhil Arya returns to the small screen with a changed name and a new serial. Gautam Hegde chats with the actor.
Hindustan Times | By Gautam Hegde, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 24, 2008 09:52 AM IST

He made waves with his debut TV show Kesar and then later was seen romancing TV hottie Sangeeta Ghosh in Aruna Irani's Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand. And now Nikkhil Arya is back to the small screen with a changed name and a new serial.

Excerpts from an interview:

One week down.. How has the response been to the new Abhimanyu in Chhoona Hai Aasmaan?
Excellent. The channel and the production house are both happy I hope I can help to boost the TRPs.

Did you have a word with Iqbal Khan?

Why not?
There was no time and I had heard enough narrations.

Was seeing you in uniform your wife's fantasy?
(Laughs) I guess so. She went, "Wow" when she saw me in it.

Do you ever intend to go back to your original surname, Sakhrani?
I know it's sad to lose one's identity but my mum is a staunch believer in astrology. She suggested that I drop Sakhrani and use Arya.
You have even changed the spelling of your name.. has it helped?
I'll ask God after I die if it did.

Is there any show you are glad you aren't doing?
All the reality shows. Thanks but no thanks.

Why? Can't you dance?
I can't dance, I can't sing. Even if I tried to, all the politics in these two departments are so in your face, I'd rather keep out of this.
The money is good I have never done any show for money .

Do you bargain while shopping?
When I need to, yeah. Don't the vendors say, "Aap toh actor ho"? I tell them I was unemployed for the past 10 months.

During those 10 months, did you ever feel like a house-husband since your wife went to work?
Obviously it was a testing period. Bhagwan dushman ko bhi aise din na dikhaye. I invested my time in marketing my wife's designer nightwear brand.

Do you both sleep in designer nightwear?
Halwai apna halwa khud nahi khata.

Has anything positive come out of your anti-Balaji Telefilms tirade in a TV glossy?

I've become a stronger person and a better actor.

How much do you charge for ribbon cutting?

Around Rs 50,000 plus flight tickets. I've cut ribbons twice.

Who is the first co-star you felt attracted towards?

Gurdeep Kohli.

Do naughty thoughts come to mind when shooting rain sequences?

No, but I try to fall in love with my co-star to make it look real.

Isn't the water murky at times?

After sliding into lakes and falling off bridges, tank water is purity personified.

Have you ever dozed off during a shot?

During a wedding sequence for


.. we shot for three days non-stop. My director would plead, "Please Nikkhil, last shot."

Have you ever faced the casting couch?

Everyone has. I have been propositioned by men and women. There are wolves all around.

You recently did a

Sshhh Phir Koi Hai

with former Kesar co-star and one-time enemy Nandini Singh. How would you rate your experience?

(Laughs) Even zero would be a huge number. I only wish it was like this during


. Life would have been much less complicated.

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