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‘I’m a drama queen’

The party’s over for Sambhavna Seth who’s out of Bigg Boss.. she tells all to Rachana Dubey.

tv Updated: Oct 06, 2008 19:45 IST
Rachana Dubey
Rachana Dubey
Hindustan Times

The party’s over for Sambhavna Seth who’s out of Bigg Boss.. she tells all to Rachana Dubey

You were unwell last week.
The cough was irritating and the fever took a while to come down. The cough will take some more time to subside. But I’m feeling better outside the House. The elimination has cut the stress out of my life. Now, I’m fine.

It’s believed that you might go back to the House as a wild card entry.
I don’t know..but there’s talk that they want more hungama and drama on the show. I’ll know tonight.

You threatened to expose all the housemates, if eliminated.
Well, I can’t talk about anyone right now because I may or may not go back. But if I go back at all, I don’t know what I’ll do. The idea will be to expose everyone while I’m still inside. I can tell you that Rahul Mahajan is not at all as subdued as he is made out to be.

Everyone’s playing his or her game there. I’m in your face. I say and do what I have to. I’ve told Rahul several times, “Mujhe bada mazaa aata hai jab tu zaher ka ghut peeta hai.” (“I feel very good when you drink a drop of poison.”)

Is anyone genuine?
Ehsaan Qureshi is a decent man. People say I’m a loud, drama queen but that man pacified me.. he brought my anger quotient down.

Why go in for a no make-up look?
It was my strategy. I saw Payal Rohatgi with a caked face 24x7. She even slept with make-up on. I knew I wouldn’t be able to carry that off for too long. So, I decided to be without make-up. I anyway like to be without make-up.

Despite fights, you did close dance with Raja Chaudhary?
I was stressed. The music was on. Raja pulled me two or three times to the dance floor. I was a bit hesitant but once I got into the groove, we danced.

Payal was irritated and the other inmates couldn’t believe what they saw.
We had just had an abusive fight before that. We were laughing about it.. we didn’t kiss each other.. unlike the impression conveyed.

Don’t you think using cuss words has affected your reputation?
No, the responses have been rather positive. I wasn’t expecting it to be this way. I’m an emotional person. Given the situations, there were extreme emotional outbursts.

Sometimes, the cuss words came out without any intentions. And I was playing a game.. like the others. I had my strategy. I was loud, in your face and of course, I said the same things behind people’s backs. I had to play the game. Earlier, I couldn’t choose work but now after the show, I think I can.

There were constant comparisons between Rakhi Sawant and you.
I’ve nothing against her. Don’t compare me with her. I’m not like her and I’m sure she’s not like me.

Payal Rohatgi and you were at loggerheads throughout.
I think she took everything personally. I know she didn’t like the fact that I won the dance competition. I didn’t take anything personally.

You even fought with Sanjay Nirupam because he called you an item girl.
He first said that we one-song girls wear revealing clothes. His friends had joked that Sambhavna jaisi-item-girl is on the same show. I told him that we can’t wear saris and dance. Then, he again passed a comment in the gym area.

The third time, he met me in the kitchen and asked if I was angry. I blew my top because we aren’t item girls.. we are performers. These performances are our livelihood. He offered to find me lead roles in Bhojpuri films.. in which I’m already doing quite well. So.. the argument.

A recent report said that you have lost your mental balance.
(Laughs) No way! Yes, situations are stressful and you do behave in unlikely ways. The author of the report should check with me now. I’m fine.. thank you.

First Published: Oct 06, 2008 16:04 IST