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SRK produces a show for kids

SRK produces a show for kids Ishaan, the tween musical toplining kiddie and adult actors, to go on air on May 15
Hindustan Times | By Rachana Dubey, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAY 09, 2010 01:46 PM IST
Though there’s no news about the Fauji or Ghar Ki Baat Hai sequels, Shah Rukh Khan’s television software production company, Red Chilies Idiot Box, is gearing up with their kids’ show for Disney, called Ishaan.

The show that goes on air on May 15, toplines young actors, alongside adult actors like Rajev Paul, Ashish Kaul and Shruti Ulfat, who was expected to play Abhimanyu Rai’s mother in the Fauji sequel.

When asked, Samar Khan of Red Chilies Idiot Box, he confirmed that his production house has been informed of the telecast date, but sounded unsure if the show would eventually go on air as scheduled.

Just started

“You must ask Disney because they have issued the launch date. We have just started shooting the show this month. I’m just hoping we have enough footage in stock closer to the due date, otherwise, you never know what happens,” he says.

According to Natasha Malhotra, vice president and general manager, Walt Disney Television International India, Ishaan joins the company’s music-driven properties like Hannah Montana and High School Musical and does go on air on the mentioned date.

“The TV production arm of Red Chillies Entertainment, headed by Shah Rukh and Gauri Khan, has been commissioned to produce the tween musical drama and present it on the date specified to them,” she adds.

Shah Rukh Khan asserts that he has always enjoyed watching Disney’s content with his children Aryan and Suhana. “It’s a pleasure that my company is producing a show that will be part of the Disney family whose shows and movies we’ve thoroughly enjoyed throughout the years,” he adds.

Season count

Rajev Paul, one of the leading actors of the show, says that he’s doing the show only for Shah Rukh Khan. “We go back a long time. I remember when I was offered my first show I went up to him, when he was shooting some film. He told me that he was paid Rs 1000 an episode when he was acting in TV shows. He asked me how much I was going to be paid. I told him Rs 2000. He immediately told me to start with the show. I never looked back after that,” he recalls.

Reportedly, Ishaan is expected to run into four seasons, which have been planned well in advance. Each
season is expected to run into 21 episodes. Samar insists that he’d like to see the show run into 52 seasons, but apparently “that’s not the deal”.

“The Disney channel team can comment on the number of seasons because they will decide whether they want four seasons or 40 seasons of the show. Remember, we’re just producing it for them. Actually, it’s summer and I am keeping toes and fingers crossed that children enjoy the show,” he adds.

Meanwhile, buzz about Red Chilies Idiot Box’s Ghar Ki Baat Hai’s next season has been making the rounds for the last one year, though there is no confirmation on whether it will ever come back.

Samar asserts that the production company has been in talks with the channel, but has received no firm reply on whether the show returns or not. No firm reply “We’ve been in talks with Imagine for a while now. I can’t comment further until I hear from them. They will be the best people to comment on whether Ghar Ki Baat Hai will return or not,” he says. Nikhil Madhok, vice president, communications and marketing, Imagine, wasn’t available for a comment.

Meanwhile, rumours made the rounds that superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s TV show production company had fired lots of its employees given that there weren’t too many shows to work on. To this, Samar simply says, “Like every production house, we’re working on several shows. Some see the light of the day and some don’t. I’d rather not comment on whether employees have been fired or not because it doesn’t deserve a clarification.”


It’s the musical journey of a boy who finds friends and a sense of belonging through music. Extremely intelligent and talented, Ishaan finds his true calling through music when he joins a school band Yaari with his friends. Ishaan’s story showcases the triumph of friendship and passion over ambition, set in the backdrop of music.

Ghar Ki Baat Hai

The show ended last year between June and July. The next edition was expected to come on air this year in January. However, there is no news on what’s happening next. The show that top lined Juhi Babbar, Ali Asgar and Sumeet Raghavan, was a sit-com on the lines of Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi that was aired on Doordarshan.

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