Sonu Sood on The Kapil Sharma Show.
Sonu Sood on The Kapil Sharma Show.

The Kapil Sharma Show: Sonu Sood talks about why he began helping migrants, here are 5 best moments from the show

The Kapil Sharma Show was back on air after a gap of four months and gracing the episode was actor Sonu Sood. Watch him talk at length about his experience. See the show’s funniest moments too.
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UPDATED ON AUG 02, 2020 02:25 PM IST

Actor Sonu Sood appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show on Saturday to what can only be called a rousing welcome. The actor spoke at length about how his team and he got down to helping migrants.

In one of the video clips online, Sonu explains how they weren’t trained for the job and talked about how they arranged for the first lot of buses to take migrants to their homes in Karnataka: “We asked them ‘where were they going?’ They said ‘please pack food for ten days for us, we are walking back to our homes in Kartanaka.’ I noticed they had really young children with them, some as young as one month old. I asked ‘how do you plan to take these children?’ and they replied ‘in 8-10 days we will reach our homes, you just arrange for our food.’ I asked them to give me two days; and I would see how I could arrange for some necessary permissions.”


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His team and he arranged for their stay, looked at whatever documents they had, got their medical examination done, took all the necessary permissions from police. They got further permissions from their respective states, from authorities. They took transport permissions too. “Then for the first time, we arranged for 10 buses to take 350 people to Karnataka.”

Sonu candidly confessed that they did not know to do the job but added that it must have been God’s will that they could pull it off. He continued: “Hum ne kabhi seekha nahin tha (We weren’t trained to do this.) May be, God chose us to do this job.” He added how one thing led to the other and they managed to get the job done. Both Kapil Sharma, the host, and Archana Puran Singh, the special guest, had only praise for the actor.

Sony TV had earlier shared a video clip of migrants talking about Sonu on camera and how seeing their responses, the actor had tears in their eyes.

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The show was designed as a tribute for the exemplary work Sonu had done, but it wasn’t without the heavy dose of humour. Host Kapil was with his able team of Kiku Sarda, Krushna Abhishek, Bharti Singh, Sumona Chakravarti among others. In one such a clip, Kapil and his domestic help are having a conversation about whether Kapil asked his help to stand at a distance of 100 metres. The help retorts that government guidelines stipulate a distance of only two meters; to which Kapil rebukes: “Government isn’t aware of your ‘harkaten (actions)’.” Turning to Archana, he goes on, “The other day, he told Sonu Sood to drop him home. Sonu asked him ‘where do you stay?’ to which the help answered ‘wherever you can send me, I will stay there.’”


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In another hilarious clip Krushna impersonates Akshay Kumar while Kiku gives him a story narration. As a run-up to the show, Kapil had shared another hilarious clip where he cracks a joke on Sonu - how two people, not migrants, were on the street and how Sonu packed them off to Azamgarh.

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