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'Tulsi belonged to Smriti Irani'

Telly actress Gautami Kapoor tells Janaki Viswanathan that she is not shocked by Smriti Irani's re-entry in Kyunki..
Hindustan Times | By Janaki Viswanathan, Mumbai
UPDATED ON APR 04, 2008 05:15 PM IST

Telly actress Gautami Kapoor tells Janaki Viswanathan that she is not shocked by Smriti Irani's re-entry in Kyunki..

You weren't around at the Balaji Telefilms press conference when Smriti Iraani's re-entry was announced
No.. I don't think I needed to be there.

Did you know you would be replaced?
Of course. I was always in the loop.

Was it something you had expected?
When I took on Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, I knew Tulsi belonged to Smriti and vice versa.
I always knew she would make a comeback. So you can't say I was shocked or wasn't expecting it.

Why did you take on the role then?
I accepted the role because it was so difficult. It was right after my break. I'd just had my baby. I had to step into the shoes of an actress who had played the role for seven years. Also, Tulsi is an old woman that made it tougher. Kyunki… is good for my portfolio.

Tell me honestly, are you happy with the way things turned out?
Yes. I was so nervous when I came in first. But eventually viewers accepted me as Tulsi. So did the cast and crew, from day one. The ratings never dipped.

When I took on Kyunki..., it was a cameo but it grew into a substantial role. Before I knew it, I was nearly a year old on the soap.

Anyone you'll miss from the show?
I'll miss the friends I made.. Hiten (Tejwani), Gauri (Pradhan), and Reva (Babbar). I bonded well with Baa (Sudha Shivpuri) too.

Your husband Ram Kapoor's track was introduced with much aplomb but didn't last long.. your take?
That's because Ram has always played very positive and subtle characters. It was the first time he was playing such a negative character. The viewers couldn't digest Thakral.. the character, the green colour associated with him and the cats.

Also, they were hoping to see us paired together, romantically. That obviously didn't happen. The only scene we had together was the one in which I beat him up black and blue (Laughs). I personally feel Ram did a great job.

Ekta Kapoor has said that she might just launch you in another major show next month.. anything in the pipeline?
(Laughs) I've received so many calls for work. But it's not as if I'm out of Kyunki… from this moment.

I'm here for another two months, maybe six months, maybe a year.. before the big twist and Smriti's return. Only once that's done will I'll take on a new show.

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