Watch: Landslide wipes out building just inches away from villagers

UPDATED ON AUG 29, 2018 06:45 PM IST
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This was the terrifying moment a building with five shops inside tumbled down the slope of a hill following a landslide. The mishap did not result in any loss of life as the local police had warned the shopkeepers and evacuated the building. The incident occurred in Narayanbagar in the Chamoli district, Uttarkhand, India, on August 28. Heavy rains have lashed at the region over the last few days causing the local river Pindar to flood and triggering several landslides. The five shops, built on the slope of a hill, near the old bus stand of the town collapsed one after the other, as the earth beneath them loosened, said eyewitnesses. The town traders' association has demanded compensation from the government saying the traders had lost their livelihood.


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