What does freedom mean to India’s youth?

UPDATED ON AUG 15, 2018 01:34 PM IST
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Here's what Independence means to today's youth.

“Independence to me is the ability to dress the way I want to, say whatever I want and be who I truly am. I shouldn't have to hide in front of certain people and be different in front of different people. I just want to be who I am with everybody. Also, others being accepting of my identity because I am accepting of others.”

“Independence means to me that I don't need to worry about anything. I can be free to say whatever I want, free to do whatever I want and not worry about any political parties harming me or my family.”

“Educational independence. As a woman, I feel education gives me the empowerment and the social need that I would require.”

“ Independence means freedom of thoughts. A place where girls are well-treated, they have own independence, they have their own freedom. “

“The situation of the country today, the corruption taking place, the rapes against women, women are not safe in today's time, we are very upset about that. It's 15th August and everyone will celebrate it but the happiness that has to be there isn't there.”


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