Watch: Cops belt teenager detained for robbery in UP's Farrukhabad

UPDATED ON AUG 01, 2015 03:00 PM IST
About The Video

A mobile phone video has emerged of a teenager detained by police on suspicion of involvement in a robbery being flogged with a leather strap at Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. The video, which has been shared on social media, shows the teenager being held against a pillar while some men in plainclothes flog him. An uniformed policeman hands over the 'patta' or leather strap to a man in plainclothes and says, “Aur maro (Hit him some more).” The video was reportedly shot by a constable. Five policemen were suspended after the video surfaced and the chief of Merapur police station was removed for failing to supervise his men. (Note: Audio muted for viewer sensitivity)


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