Here’s why Indian food is popular in Mauritius

UPDATED ON MAR 05, 2020 08:30 PM IST
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For a person visiting Mauritius for the first time, you don't expect Indian food to be so predominant there. However, Indian dishes such as dal makhani, nan, samosas, biryani, mutton curry and several more are very much a part of Mauritian cuisine. The question is, how is there such a strong Indian influence in Mauritius? The reason is that in the 18th century, Indian indentured labourers who came to Mauritius got along with them their recipes, which became popular in Mauritius, with a few modifications. Currently 68% of the national population have Indian ancestry.


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<p>Delhi based Abhishek Anicca has locomotor disability and is a slam poet. He uses poetry as a medium of expression to talk about disability and his experiences. His performances are real, brutal, sarcastic and talk about his experiences as a differently abled person. In this interview, he recites one of his poems which talks about the same. Anicca also tells us about how he is coping during the Covid 19 situation. </p>

The sarcastic slam poet with locomotor disability

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