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Chavez warns of closing 'anti-Govt' TV station

Chavez has threatened to take action against television station if it incites violence and promotes demonstrations against his government.
IANS | By HT Correspondent, Caracas
UPDATED ON MAY 30, 2007 12:07 PM IST

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has threatened to take action against another private television station if it incites violence and promotes student demonstrations against his government.

The warning came Tuesday as thousands of students were protesting for the second consecutive day in the capital Caracas over the removal on Sunday of Radio Caracas Television (RCTV) from terrestrial broadcasting.

Speaking at a public event in Vargas state, north of Caracas, Chavez said that TV station Globovision, one of the few channels that is still harshly anti-government, had called on viewers to kill him.

In his speech, Chavez recommended Globovision's bosses to take a tranquilliser and asked for the opposition to abandon their destabilization plans, warning that, if not, "I will apply my own tranquilliser."

Chavez noted that Information Minister William Lara would ask the Attorney General's Office to investigate a Globovision program.

Venezuela's oldest and most popular television station RCTV was shut down at midnight Sunday and replaced by a new government-controlled channel.

Chavez justified his government's decision not to renew RCTV's licence, saying that the popular TV station had supported a short-lived coup in April 2002, which removed him from power for two days.

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