It’s in our nature to cheat, says Ileana D’Cruz

  • Jigar Shah, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Aug 19, 2016 17:42 IST
Ileana doesn’t want to play a bimbette in a film. (Dabboo Ratnani )

Ileana D’Cruz is frequently asked why she does not take up more films — be it by Akshay Kumar, her co-actor in Rustom, or by Milan Lutharia, who will direct her in her next project.

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Her answer to the question is blunt and simple: she does not want to play a “bimbette”, even though she is often approached with such roles. “I told Milan that I don’t want to play a bimbette,” says Ileana, adding, “I’m okay with playing a glamorous chick, dressing up and doing a dance number. But when I do glamourous roles, I feel I am not doing any work. It is my makeup artist and stylist who are doing all the work; I just go there and pose. I love doing intense roles. They make me feel good. I want to do films in which I don’t have to worry about touch-ups, my hairstyle or my clothes. I want to focus on the emotion behind my role.” Ileana feels that while she is not a “stupendous actor”, there is honesty in her work, which can lend itself to serious parts.

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Talking about her new movie, in which she ends up cheating on her husband, she says, “A friend of mine told me that infidelity is not just physical. It can also occur in thought. To an extent, I agree with her. Your thoughts could lead to actions. A long time ago, my father had told me, ‘You are never going to find a man who will always be faithful.’ I don’t know if I completely believe him. All I know is that I am realistic when it comes to time, age and having your heart broken.”

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Ileana believes that if a man chooses to leave her, or cheat on her, there is nothing she can do about it. “When I was cheated on, instead of going away, I went back to him (her ex-boyfriend). I told him that we should start afresh. I can’t give anyone advice, but it all depends on how you feel about that person,” says the actor, adding that there is no excuse for infidelity. “It’s in our nature to cheat,” says the actor.

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