First cadaver heart transplant performed at MG Hospital

  • P Srinivasan, None, Vatika (Jaipur)
  • Updated: Aug 05, 2015 16:58 IST

An 18-year-old blacksmith from Vakita, located on the outskirts of Jaipur, became the first cadaver donor in the state whose heart was successfully transplanted in a marathon procedure at Mahatma Gandhi Hospital on Sunday afternoon. One of his kidneys was transplanted to a patient at MG Hospital, while second kidney was sent to government’s SMS hospital. His liver has been sent to Delhi through a green corridor.

Raju Luhar was brought to a private hospital in Jaipur on July 31 after he met with an accident. On Sunday doctors declared him brain dead. After several rounds of counselling, the family agreed to donate his organs.

Soon after his heart was sent to the Mahatma Gandhi Hospital which became the first hospital in the state to conduct a cadaver heart transplant. The two kidneys of Luhar were also given on two others, while his liver was sent to Delhi.

The decision to donate the organs of Luhar’s organs was a really a tough one for his family living which has a hand-to-mouth existence.

As villagers gathered to offer their condolences to Luhar’s father Sitaram, the 45-year-old says: “I lost my son, but am happy that he gave life to four others.”

Sitaram, also a blacksmith, earns his living by making iron utensils and other equipment. His son helped him in the chores. Now, Sitaram is alone to fend for his family of six, including Raju’s three siblings and his widow.

Luhar’s mother Meera Devi, 40, was inconsolable. “We had taken a loan of Rs 4 lakh for Raju’s treatment when he got ill a few years ago…He had just started helping his father after he got well to supplement the family income. We hoped that we would be able to repay the loan,” she says, as tears keeping flowing down her cheeks.

Donor’s siblings to get free education

Ramjilal Chopra, resident of Vatika and neighbour of Sitaram Luhar, on Monday announced that he would bear all the expenses related to education for the three children of Sitaram.

He said Sitaram is father of Raju Luhar, who lost his life in an accident and donated his organs. Chopra persuaded Sitaram and his family members to donate the organs of his brain dead son Raju.

He said, “I told Sitaram that Raju would be cremated and his body would go waste and if his organs are donated other people would get lives, to which Sitaram agreed and went ahead to donate organs of his son.”

He also appealed the government to give some financial assistance to the family of the donor so that they can lead a respectable life.

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