Creative licence or plain lewd? 5 vulgar songs we are all dancing to

  • Ruchika Garg, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Mar 11, 2016 16:38 IST
Fazilpuria’s latest song Party is a big hit at nightclubs but has sparked a debate. (Photo: Facebook)

Singer Fazilpuria’s latest song Party is a big hit at nightclubs. It has, however, received flak for the ­suggestive lyrics. And that has led to the spotlight back on the debate — How much is too much in the name of entertainment?

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We dug deeper into the lyrics of some of the most popular numbers rocking the party scene these days and found that most were dancing to them without much attention to the words. “I groove to music, I’m not sure what the words are,” said Nikita, 18, dancing to ‘Kundi mat khadkao raja’ at a Delhi hot-spot. While the makers of these songs defend their creative liberty, those opposing it cry ­vulgarity. We bring you both sides of the debate.

Some say it is only entertainment

Others call it vulgarity

And this is what lyrics say...

And here are the songs...

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