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Between the lines

Revati Sharma Singh’s exhibition of paintings evokes concerns about the extremes of religion, politics, culture and economy.
Hindustan Times | By Jigna P, Mumbai
UPDATED ON APR 23, 2010 02:32 PM IST

Her previous exhibitions stirred up conversations about cultural disintegration. In this series of paintings, Between the Lines, Revati Sharma Singh translates her concerns about the distinctions created in society, which people often choose to ignore. “But all is not doom and gloom. There are positive paintings too,” says Sharma Singh.

“There are lines everywhere, some divide, while others unite,” she says about the title of the show. The current show displays 50 abstract paintings that she had been working on since more than a year. “Everywhere we look, in this city or the country for that matter, there are lines — some invisible and some that stare you right in theeye.

We choose to ignore them because it makes us uncomfortable. It’s the extremes that frighten me. It bothers me that I am very much a part of it all and angers me that I do nothing to change it,” elaborates Sharma Singh. The artist graduated from the Delhi College of Art in 1996. She recently created an installation at the Kala Ghoda Art Festival called Mera Desh Mahan?

In the offing
She talks about her creative process. “I often write and sketch before painting. Abstraction is wonderful because the viewers can have their own interpretations and there are varied dialogues that are created.”

Sharma Singh is going to continue working on the line series and will including text in different languages on her canvases. “The concept will be based on the idea that the essence of love and peace remains the same in any language, culture and society.”

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