For a theatrical retreat

Here’s a look at two plays that are being staged in the Capital this weekend.

art and culture Updated: Jul 17, 2011 02:35 IST
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Celebrating Kher on stage
Anupam Kher’s autobiographical play, Kucch Bhi Ho Sakhta Ha, in which the veteran actor does a solo act has already performed 240 shows. Presented by WelcomTheatre, this play sees Kher narrating and enacting some of the significant events from his life. “The production has been on for a long time now. Since it talks about my life, we keep on adding more bits to it, but the start and the end of the play remains the same,” says Kher.

Directed by Feroze Khan, the play potrays the various struggles and hardships, Kher went through. The play tells the story of a small town man who makes it big in the Hindi film Industry, and then falters and fails, but never loses hope. “It’s an entertaining production and what makes its more interesting is the fact that people can relate to it,” says Kher.

“In 2005, it took us 45 days to complete the production. But now, I just need a day rehearsal before the performance,” he adds. Also, the blue shirt that Kher wears in the play is the same that he wore in 2005, though it is re-stitched every time its gets worn off. “There is only one thing that has been changing, the size of my costumes, otherwise, everything else remains the same,” he says. Scheduled to be staged in the Capital today, the play also talks about Kher’s life in Delhi during his days in National School of Drama.

What: Kucch Bhi Ho Sakhta Hai
Where: Air Force Auditorium, Subroto Park
When: July 17
Entry: By invitation only
Time: 6.30pm onwards
Nearest Metro Station: Dhaula Kaun on the orange Line

Learning to say Goodbye
As the name suggests, Goodbye, Forever directed by Feisal Alkazi is about saying final goodbyes to someone precious in life. It tackles the issue of getting over the loss of a loved one and letting go.

Tackling a grim subject like death beautifully, the director has weaved humour into the story through situations and characters. Set in the Christian community of Mumbai, it is the story of Derek and his son Tyron, trying to come to terms with life, after the sudden death of Tyron’s mother, Estelle.

And then she returns to ease them through this very process. The series of events that follow switch from extremely hilarious to heart touching. The play is cathartic and funny at the same time with Feisal’s wife Radhika playing the character of dead woman Estelle and his son Armaan Alkazi playing her on-stage son Tyron.

“Death of a dear one is something that could affect an individual deeply. There could be pain and questions unanswered that linger in the hearts of those close to the deceased. The play gives an opportunity to come to terms with the loss and probably get some answers in the process,” says the director. The first play in the 39th season of Ruchika Theatre Group, it is inspired by the real life experience of Alkazi who lost his mother a few years ago.

What: Goodbye, Forever, a theatre production
Where: Habitat World, India Habitat Centre (IHC), Lodhi Road
When: July 16 and 17
Entry tickets: R350, 250 and 150
Time: 7pm onwards
Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market on the Violet Line

First Published: Jul 16, 2011 16:02 IST