I can make a pebble- smooth omelette, says restaurateur Zorawar Kalra
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I can make a pebble- smooth omelette, says restaurateur Zorawar Kalra

Zorawar Kalra doesn’t eat carbs, and won’t cook unless he has to. How’s that for contradictions?

HT48HRS_Special Updated: Oct 07, 2015 15:17 IST
As told to Meenakshi Iyer
As told to Meenakshi Iyer
Hindustan Times
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Q: Dine out, order in, or cook a meal on weekends?

Dine out with family or at times, home-cooked gourmet meals by my wife.

Q: Can: cook a five-course meal/make a sandwich/boil water/don’t know how the gas works.

I know how to cook, but don’t have the patience or flair for it. So I choose to stay away from it. Although, when the occasion calls for it, I do make a pebble-smooth omelette for my kids.

Q: Strictly salads and grilled chicken, or cheese/chocolate cheat for the weekend?

My daily diet is mostly proteins. It’s been months since I’ve had any dish which has carbs or any element of sweetness to them. But being in the restaurant business, I do have to try out various dishes, which take care of the need to binge.

Q: Where do you love getting breakfast?

Home. There is nothing compared to a good, protein-rich, home-cooked meal. Bacon and eggs with a nice frittata is my ideal breakfast.

Q: Some complicated Iced Frappe person or straight up espresso person?

I am an espresso person, but on rare occasions, I go for a nice cup of Starbucks’ Java Chip Frappuccino.

Q: Cosmopolitan or whisky on the rocks?

Nothing compares to a single malt, on the rocks.

Q: Party till dawn or wake up for yoga at dawn?

More like wake up early for a couple of hours of rigorous, high-intensity workout. And on Sundays, a competitive game of golf.

Q: Books, music or movies?

I enjoy reading biographies, like the ones on Steve Jobs, and Mcdonald’s - Behind the Arches. Otherwise, I mostly listen to music and at times, catch up on classic movies.

Q: What’s the one thing that can totally make your weekend?

Spending a lot of quality time with my two kids, Fateh, who’s three and Aaliyah, who’s one. Or, going racing with my gang of super car aficionados.

First Published: Oct 02, 2015 00:00 IST