Your handwriting says it all
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Your handwriting says it all

The way you write reveals a lot about you. We tell you how to decode handwriting to learn about personality traits

art and culture Updated: Apr 25, 2012 01:02 IST
Charu Sharma
Charu Sharma
Hindustan Times

Singer Beyonce Knowles loves being in the spotlight and is confident, creative and genuinely happy. Wondering how we came to that conclusion? Well, her handwriting reflects all these traits about her personality.

The singer recently wrote a letter (see in picture) to United States of America’s First Lady Michelle Obama, praising her character and work. While the 30-year-old new mother’s letter came as a pleasant surprise in an era of texts and emails, her gesture has also given insight to her personality, after it was analysed by Kathy Mcknight, a US-based graphologist.

LetterLikewise, our scrawls, whether chicken scratch-like or similar to computer font in their consistent neatness, are unique. So, here are some basic principles of graphology or the study of handwriting, which are the easiest way to analyse what our handwriting potentially reveals.


Size does matter, at least in this case.

Dr Pulkit Sharma, consultant psychologist, VIMHANS says, "If a person writes big, he has the desire to be noticed and prefers to do multiple things at once." Meanwhile, those who write small have nothing to worry about either. "Writing small often reflects a high concentration level and a superior attention to detail," says Sharma.


Writing slants, either to the left, right, or fairly vertical, relates to a person’s emotional nature. Lalit Prakash, a city-based handwriting expert says, "Writing with a right slant means you’re emotionally dependent and get along with people easily." And the left slant indicates, "Reserved attitude and an inability to express oneself properly." However, if you write straight, it means you think about things emotionally as well as practically, and balance it out, Prakash adds.


"When you write, check the back side of the paper, if you can feel the writing it indicates very energetic, strong-headed and committed nature," says Sharma. "If you write lightly it shows sensitivity and empathy to people."


There are two aspects of spacing to be considered while analysing handwriting: Space between words and space between sentences. Graphology suggests that spacing between words is an indicator of your comfort level in socialising. "Having very little space between words suggests that you are a people-person who craves social contact. And if your handwriting is neatly placed it means you desire for inner freedom and space from

others," says Sharma.

"If it’s difficult to determine one line from another then you’re likely to be confused about things. However, large spaces are linked with sharp perception and clarity of thought," adds Prakash.

Line Levels

"If a person writes in an exactly straight line, he could be rigid and methodical, and have high levels of self-control," says Sharma. Also, if the baseline is upward while writing, it means you have a positive outlook and are enthusiastic. "If it slopes downward, you may be a little depressed and moody," adds Sharma.

What does a signature reflect
Experts say that if a person’s signature is very different from his handwriting then he wants to project a different public image than he actually is. A very big signature suggests that a person is dominating and very concerned about his social image. Here’s what experts have to say about signatures of some well-known personalities:

Amitabh Bachchan
The rhythm in his signature reflects creativity and larger-than-life persona. The dots under his sign reflect that he has a commercial sense and weigh things accordingly.

Barack Obama
The way he writes B and O suggests that he has a need to make a strong impression on the world and has a good control over his emotions. The loop suggest that he looks at things from a larger perspective.

Katrina Kaif
She seems to be a reserved person, but on the other hand wants to make a big impression and has very clear goals. Her public image is similar to her private being.

Sachin Tendulkar
He feels a need to make a strong impression on the world and has control over his emotions. His thoughts are well-organised, which give him strong communication skills. He avoids risky situations.

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First Published: Apr 24, 2012 17:51 IST