Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 12th to 18th February | Astrology - Hindustan Times

Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 12th to 18th February

Feb 11, 2024 09:00 AM IST

Bejan Daruwala's son Chirag Daruwala writes weekly horoscope predictions on HindustanTimes.com. Check all sun signs from 12th to 18th February.


Ganesha says for Aries, this week of February 2024 will be important for expanding faith, good times for students, and spirituality. During this week, you will be interested in philosophy, you will try to learn about human emotions. Students will excel in the fields of history, science, technology, and psychology. They will receive positive news related to education. This week will be a time to expand your horizons and learn more about yourself. There will be a desire to search for the meaning of life and learn more about different cultures and religions. The environment at your workplace will be very good and your career will be stable. Senior officers will be happy with your dedication to work. You may get some opportunities from abroad which will attract your interest. You will be inspired to enhance your abilities and grab those opportunities. A short trip is also indicated during this week. Relationships with the father may be somewhat argumentative and may even involve separation. Everything else at home will be peaceful and harmonious. Married life will be joyful and cooperative. There will be good energy and enthusiasm throughout the week.

Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 12th to 18th February
Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 12th to 18th February


Ganesha says for Taurus people, this week of February 2024 will be important for change, investment, and financial matters. During this week, you will spend more time with yourself, give more time to your thoughts, reflect on life, seem more serious and emotional. You may keep a lot of your emotions inside and act very secretive. This is a time when you will desire real change in yourself and your life. At your workplace, your seniors and boss will be against your work approach. It will be difficult for you to agree on the same thing. You are advised to avoid getting involved in any kind of debate with your enemies as you may become possessed. Competitors will try to ruin your work and reputation in the office so be prepared. Secretly accomplish your goals and projects. You will get good profits from investment. You will be able to invest more but it is advised to avoid risky and impulsive investments. In your personal life, relations with your in-laws will remain tense and you will not get support from your spouse. There are also indications of some debate this week. Health will be fine, but you need to be cautious in everyday life too.

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Ganesha says for Gemini people, this week of February 2024 will have an impact on marital life, business, and personality. During this week, you will be more inclined to share your ideas with other people. You'll want to learn about life through another person's perspective, and you'll be more open to balancing and harmonizing yourself internally. You will be very compromising as well as diplomatic this week in your workplace. You will meet people in power. You will love people's attention and appreciation but will not be able to achieve the desired results. You are suggested to avoid attention-seeking behavior. In your business, there may be separation from your partner. You will not be able to share your business strategies and future goals with them. There will also be differences in approach regarding branding. It is important to let go of ego and make decisions that are better for the business. You may experience marital discord in your personal life. There may be misunderstandings and ego clashes in married life which may increase the communication gap. If you are single, you may meet a potential love partner while traveling this week. During this period, your level of enthusiasm will be low. Take care of your diet otherwise, you may become a victim of indigestion.


Ganesha says for Cancer, this week of February 2024 will bring career growth, optimism in life, and a good work schedule. During this week, you will pay more attention to your health, personal appearance, and your daily routine. You will try to become more efficient at work and develop leadership skills. Your colleagues will cooperate. Your seniors and higher officials will appreciate your efforts and your commitment to work. This week could be a good time to ask for a salary increase. With optimism you will be able to overcome all obstacles in your work, just try not to be too stubborn. You will also give more importance to your health. This will happen because due to your busy work routine, you may not be able to pay attention to your health. This week will also be a good week to build some skills that may be different than your competitors. In personal life, relationships with life partners and partners will be very peaceful and loving. Happiness, peace, and harmony will remain. You can also take a short trip with your spouse. There may be some expenses this week which may seem unnecessary after some time. There will be excitement and enthusiasm in the body throughout the week.


Ganesha says for Leo, this week of February 2024 will be important for increased creativity, a joyful personal life, and meeting old friends. During this transit, you will be in good energy and a fun mood. This way you'll attract people who want to enjoy things the same way you do. You will want to meet old friends and have a good time with them. You may also benefit from a friend in your career. With the help of a friend, you can get a new business deal. This week you should also take out time for your old hobbies or start something new. Your seniors at work will be happy with your work and you will receive appreciation and full support. Your enemies or competitors will not be able to create obstacles in your path and your reputation. This week, instead of paying too much attention to work, you will get some rest. You will be more friendly and outgoing. You may be a little over-dramatic with your behavior, but you will be living life to the fullest this week. Your personal life will be blissful and affection and intimacy will remain throughout the week. Good times with children are also indicated. This week you will also consider investment. You can meet people who can help you with investment and share market tips.


Ganesha says for Virgo, this week of February 2024 will be better for personal growth, spending time with family, and focusing on their quality of life. During this week, you will try to take some time for personal development. You'll focus on how past events and the year as a whole have changed your life and what impact it has had on your thoughts and behavior. You will know and reflect on your thoughts. In this way, you will want to understand yourself more and better. Talking about work, you will experience career advancement and finally, the results of all the hard work and efforts will be visible. The office environment will be very positive and negativity will be left behind. You will be able to spend time with friends and family in your home. You may focus mainly on dinner parties and social gatherings. You will also feel the desire to make your home and your standard of living more comfortable. You can think about redecorating or renovating the house. You can also invest in real estate or think about buying a bigger house. Relationships with mothers may be a little logical. There may be some disagreements between you resulting in arguments, but the atmosphere at home will be very harmonious. Health will be great, and you will enjoy some really happy moments with your family.


Ganesha says for Libra, this week of February 2024 may bring hard work, good communication skills, and fun times with siblings. During this week, you will express yourself more creatively in front of others. You will be able to crack good deals in business and accomplish all targets and projects at work with the help of your negotiation skills. With the help of your charm and confident words, everyone in the office will admire you and will be impressed by your strategies and diplomacy. This week you will need more energy to stay strong. If you are not able to communicate with anyone in your professional life or your personal life, this week will be the right time to start a conversation and resolve all the issues smoothly. There will be peace and understanding in your personal life. You will be able to connect with your partner better and understand his/her thoughts and expectations in the relationship. Your special focus will be on fun activities and trips with your siblings. You will be more social with them. All the worries related to normal life and work will go away. Your health will be good due to mental peace and physical fitness and you will be very happy this week.


Ganesha says for Scorpio people, this week of February 2024 will be important for you to pay more attention to your finances, investments, and marital life. During this week, you may be more concerned about your material possessions, investment holdings, and financial stability. Your major focus will be on increasing your financial stability, finding other sources of income, and having a good financial future. You will be more practical with your work this week. Workload will increase, but it will be important for you to give importance to your rest and take some time for it. It is not necessary to start anything new during this week. Just continue working on the projects and goals you've already started. Previous investments will yield good returns and you may book profits to buy something valuable. Some problems may arise in your married life due to strange attitudes and uncontrolled speech. Things can go wrong due to work pressure. It is important to deal with every issue with a humble approach and calmness. Always think twice before saying anything to your life partner or partner in your relationship. This is not a good week for travel so try to avoid any travel plans. There may be problems in concentrating due to too much disturbance around.


Ganesha says for Sagittarius, this week of February 2024 will bring a sense of individuality, plenty of energy, and the beginning of new adventures. During this week, you will be full of energy and confidence and will be thinking of starting new things in life. Your focus will also be on personal appearance and development. For this, it will be necessary to pay attention to a nutritionally good diet. With more confidence and self-esteem, you will be able to pursue your life goals and have a more open behavior. You will be the center of attraction at the workplace and will emerge as a leader. You may be entrusted with leadership tasks. If your promotion is pending for a long time then there are indications of promotion for you this week. You will be able to attract all your colleagues and seniors towards you and your work. You may want more attention than usual and desire to be in the spotlight all the time. Don't let this attention you're getting cause people to hate you. Always have a down-to-earth and humble nature towards the people working below you. You may need to pay extra attention to things in your personal life. You need to talk over the issue and resolve everything with a positive conversation. Those who are single may meet a potential partner or discuss marriage during this week. There will be good enthusiasm and energy throughout the weekend. You will not face any diseases or health problems.


Ganesha says for Capricorns, this week of February 2024 will bring unnecessary expenses, deep introspection, and spirituality. During this week, you will need to think about yourself and spend time alone. This week you will have a major focus on reflecting on yourself and dealing with your negative thoughts and behavior patterns. You will take the path of spirituality and astrology to deal with all the negative things in your life and convert them into positivity. The path of spirituality and deep introspection will provide you with solutions to all your problems and give you valuable insight into your progress. Talking about my career, it will be very decent and stable. There are no signs of anything major happening during this week. Enemies will not be able to harm your work or your reputation. There may be a hint of an opportunity from abroad, but not very soon. If you are stuck in any legal matter, this week will be favorable for it. In your personal life, you may face some issues. Try to remain calm and understand the emotional and physical needs of your spouse or partner in the relationship. Talking about finances, there will be a lot of expenses, some of them will be necessary for your growth, while some of them will be unnecessary. This may require controlling expenses and maintaining a proper budget.


Ganesha says for Aquarius, this week of February 2024 may bring influence on social groups, networking and financial opportunities. During this week, you will have a good time in your social groups and friend circle. This will be a good week for making new friends. You will be able to achieve a lot of things in your life by joining groups of people with similar interests and like-minded individuals. You can also go out for adventure and cultural activities. Networking will be key during this week. Talking about work, finding solution to all the obstacles and problems with an innovative idea will make you more famous in the office. There is a great possibility of meeting some new people at your workplace who may be essential for you in your career growth. New doors will open for financial security. A good bonus or salary increase is also indicated. One interesting thing is that you will have a humanitarian approach this week and will want to help people around you. Personal life will be very joyful and full of charity. In relationship, you will spend happy moments with your partner and your family. You can also go on a short trip with your family or spouse. Health will be good this week.


Ganesha says for Pisces, this week of February 2024 will bring sudden career advancement, ambitious outlook, and recognition in the professional field. During this week, your work and career will become the main focus of life. You will progress in your work and take on more responsibilities. With this kind of commitment and dedication toward work, you will be in good standing in the eyes of your boss and seniors. They will consider you as a trustworthy person and may give you big projects in the coming weeks. Your personal life will be filled with pure joy. With an understanding partner, you will be able to focus completely on your new ventures and your work. The atmosphere at home will be cooperative and peaceful. Conversations with your mother will calm you and help you remain balanced in life. Health will become stronger and signs of recovery from past problems will begin to appear. Investments in real estate stocks have also been indicated during this period.

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