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Dhrubo works as an edit resource and writes at the intersection of caste, gender, sexuality and politics. Formerly trained in Physics, abandoned a study of the stars for the glitter of journalism. Fish out of digital water.

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Give them a round of... uproar: Dhrubo Jyoti talks to Dalit stand-up comics

They’re looking to punch back (yes, they hear the quota jokes), tell some truths, be seen. They want their sets to be light fun too; maybe in the next stage.

Ankur Tangade, 25, draws from real life. One story she tells is about a friend who visited her home but refused to drink any tea, ‘because I’m a pure vegetarian’. “Do you think we eat mutton out of our cups?” Tangade asked.
Updated on May 10, 2024 03:34 PM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

Amid welfare push, the shifting sands of Dalit politics in Agra

Agra encapsulates the churn within the community and the battle of two ideas that are shaping the general elections this year.

Ambedkar visited Agra in 1956, a key date for the movement. (HT photo)
Updated on May 01, 2024 04:02 AM IST

‘Parties must crack down on exam paper leaks’

In Agra's Nagla Teen, Abhishek Kumar prepares for govt exams amidst chaos, dreams of stable job. Facing challenges of paper leaks, caste bias, he aims to vote for change.

Abhishek Kumar is preparing for govt recruitment exams (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 30, 2024 04:52 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti

189 seats sealed as Lok Sabha election Phase 2 ends

97 million voters in 88 constituencies across 12 states and 1 Union Territory cast their votes in the second phase of India's general elections, with a provisional turnout of 60.96%.

Voters on their way to polling station to cast their votes via boat for the second phase of Lok Sabha Polls at Korbuk in East Tripura on Friday. (ANI)
Updated on Apr 27, 2024 04:00 AM IST
ByDhrubo Jyoti, New Delhi

Lok Sabha elections: World’s largest polls begin

LS polls are a mind-boggling affair in India, where voting population is larger than combined populations of the US, the UK, Brazil, Russia, Japan, and France.

Polling officials with EVMs and other election material leave for poll duty ahead of Lok Sabha elections, in Bastar district, Chhattisgarh. (PTI)
Updated on Apr 19, 2024 09:31 AM IST
By, , New Delhi

Ancient civilisation casting a shadow on modern politics

In the study published in Cell, for the first time, scientists sequenced the genome from an ancient skeleton found in a 4,600-year-old burial site in Rakhigarhi

Excavation work at Rakhigarhi, an Indus Valley Civilisation site in Haryana. (Saumya Khandelwal/ HT Archive)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 06:16 AM IST
By, New Delhi

97 years on, Mahad satyagraha remains a crucial reminder of caste inequality

On March 20, 1927, hundreds walked behind Dr Ambedkar to the Chavdar Tank. Once there, he scooped some water into his cupped hands and drank.

Dr Ambedkar (seated fourth from left) with prominent leaders of the first Mahad satyagraha in Bombay, 1927. RB More (circled) of Dasgaon suggested the idea of a conference at Mahad to Ambedkar. From the Thirties, More joined the undivided Communist Party of India. (Photo courtesy: Subodh More)
Published on Mar 26, 2024 04:52 PM IST

Narrative to identity: Key factors at play in Lok Sabha elections

It has been several decades since a party approached impending LS polls with the kind of confidence that the BJP is doing in 2024

The Lok Sabha elections, spread across seven phases, will be held over six weeks between April 19 and June 1. The counting of votes is scheduled to be held on June 4. (HT file)
Updated on Mar 17, 2024 06:30 PM IST
By, New Delhi

The first single-party majority in a generation

The Congress slumps to its worst-ever showing. For the BJP, some of the highest vote shares by a single party since the 1980s.

Narendra Modi inspects a guard of honour at Red Fort, during Independence Day celebrations. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:53 PM IST

Scandal, airstrikes, farm plans: 5 key moments

In an era of scams, the primary opposition finds a new face. There's a battle on the borders. A new strongman emerges.

Opposition Parliamentarians protest against the UPA regime at the Gandhi statue in the Parliament complex. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:45 PM IST

Modi, Shah, Rahul Gandhi: 5 key leaders

These five Indians will be remembered for their role in this era.

People at a TMC rally in Midnapore, West Bengal, wait for a helicopter carrying party chief Mamata Banerjee to land, in 2016. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:57 PM IST

Sharp curves: An era of dramatic reversals

A reversal of fortunes marks the start of a decade of Congress rule.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee at a rally in Bhopal. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:43 PM IST

No-trust vote, India Shining, UPA is born: 5 key moments

Mayawati withdraws support for the second Vajpayee government, a campaign backfires spectacularly, a major alliance is born, and an inner voice is heeded.

UPA leaders with copies of the alliance’s common minimum programme in New Delhi. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:42 PM IST

Vajpayee, Sonia, Manmohan: 5 key leaders

These five Indians will be remembered for their role in this era.

A political rally at Chandwa in Latehar district, Jharkhand. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:42 PM IST

A time of shaky victories, changing equations

A dramatic fall, an assassination, a hung House; new conflicts and new divisions emerge.

Rajiv Gandhi votes during the 1989 general election. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:39 PM IST

Bofors, Janmabhoomi, an assassination: 5 key moments

A weapons scam breaks, unprecedented in its scale and impact. Rajiv Gandhi is assassinated, aged 46. A rath yatra marks a turning point for a nation.

Rajiv Gandhi's funeral procession makes its way through New Delhi. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:39 PM IST

Advani, Narasimha Rao, Jayalalithaa: 5 key leaders

These five Indians will be remembered for their role in this era.

BSP’s Mayawati at an election rally in Varanasi. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:38 PM IST

Victory, amid the shadow of change

The Congress tally of 404 in 1984 remains the only time a political party has crossed the 400-figure mark in the Lok Sabha. But already, the 30 seats won by the TDP marked a shift in the making.

Voters at a polling booth during the 1984 election. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:37 PM IST

Southern sojourn, Janata implodes, an assassination: 5 key moments

Six months after she is bundled out of power, Indira strikes a chord with a visit to a remote troublespot. Elsewhere, a coalition loses popularity, then crumbles. And a plane crash permanently alters the course of history.

Indira Gandhi’s funeral procession at Teen Murti Bhawan. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:37 PM IST

Rajiv Gandhi, Charan Singh, NTR: 5 key leaders

These five Indians will be remembered for their role in this era.

Congress supporters in New Delhi. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:36 PM IST

After a dark day, a vital shift

Emergency serves as an impetus for a landmark first: the first majority secured by a non-Congress party.

Janata Party supporters congratulate Morarji Desai after the 1977 election victory. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:35 PM IST

Garibi Hatao, Bangladesh war, Emergency: 5 key moments

Shastri's unexpected death heralds a change, a new country is born of a war on the border, and Emergency acts as a black mark on the national record.

Soldiers heading to the frontlines during the Bangladesh war. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:34 PM IST

Indira, Kamaraj, Jayaprakash Narayan: 5 key leaders

These five Indians will be remembered for their role in this era.

Supporters of Indira Gandhi. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:34 PM IST

A Centre takes shape

These were the years of the Congress, and of Jawaharlal Nehru. Smaller parties could win only a handful of seats. The Communist Party of India emerged as the second-biggest party in the Lok Sabha, but was a distant runner-up.

Ballot boxes stored in Varanasi. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:32 PM IST

States are reorganised, a caste panel formed: 5 key moments

Allahabad East-Jaunpur West, as it was called then, would send Jawaharlal Nehru to the Lok Sabha for three consecutive terms. Syama Prasad Mookerjee's Bharatiya Jana Sangh would find its feet. And the Kalelkar Committee would begin an early exploration of issues of caste.

C Rajagopalachari, Vallabhai Patel, and Jawaharlal Nehru. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:32 PM IST

Nehru, Ambedkar, Shastri: 5 key leaders

These five Indians will be remembered for their role in this era.

An election rally in Amethi. (HT Photo)
Updated on Apr 05, 2024 01:28 PM IST

Ram Janmabhoomi Mandir: A temple, 169 years in the making

Through decades of design and reworks, hurdles in engineering and construction, HT pieces together how the grandeur of the Ram Temple was reclaimed.

The trust has been careful to imbue the construction process with symbolism, showcasing the temple as the syncretic coming together of India.
Updated on Jan 22, 2024 07:28 AM IST
By, New Delhi

Temple entry marks a new era in politics

With the Ram Temple, the BJP has a clear agenda and PM Modi’s charisma to pull together a rainbow Hindu coalition. The Opposition’s response is still forming.

People at the premises of a temple, next to the cutouts of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Lord Ram in Ayodhya. (REUTERS)
Updated on Jan 20, 2024 07:18 AM IST

In grand opening of Ram temple, a semblance of closure

In a city locked in a contentious religious dispute, the Ram Temple offers a chance to turn the page. Muslims say they want to move on from the horrors of 1992.

A woman makes garlands at her house in Ayodhya as the construction site of Ram Temple is seen in the background. (REUTERS)
Updated on Jan 22, 2024 04:58 AM IST

The reawakening of an ancient city

Days ahead of its tryst with history, Ayodhya is a town in a hurry, abuzz with the aspirations of people. But the shift goes beyond its gleaming facelift

To millions, the transformation of Ayodhya with the Ram Temple at its epicentre is an endorsement of the strength of their faith and cultural nationalism.
Published on Jan 18, 2024 12:21 AM IST
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