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Single? Drink, flirt & be merry

Every dark cloud has a silver lining; you just have to spot it. It is usually peer pressure that gets you in relationships.

bhopal Updated: Feb 24, 2013 13:24 IST
Divya Raje Bhonsale

Single life is often underrated. It is misinterpreted with being ‘lonely’ while relationships are associated with ‘happiness’. Singlehood has a lot of unseen benefits.

When you’re single you can dance like crazy and flirt with anyone you want. If ever your friends ask you to go to Goa, then (money aside) you are all set to pack your bags and leave at a moment’s notice.

Single life can be far more fun, than what people usually let on. We’ve forgotten what being single is all about. It’s about being happy and embracing yourself. So, if you’re feeling blue about not finding Mr/Ms Right, cheer up, read on.

Singlehood is all about enjoying your independence. Making a new girl/boy friend or already having friends when you have a boyfriend/girlfriend can trigger jealousy and conflict. Even if you have no intentions of dating them, having friends of opposite sex or making a new guy/girl friend can be risky when in a relationship.

So get out there, meet new people, strike up a conversation, and wink at the cutie and beauty in college. Being single gives you complete freedom to flirt with whomever you want, whenever you want.

A relationship always comes with an ‘expensive’ price tag. If anyone has ever been into a serious relationship, they know that sooner or later, a big chunk of their pocket money goes in mobile bills and recharges. Singlehood gives you full financial freedom.

Boys don’t have to worry about paying dinner bills, petrol bills (freedom from long drives and pick-up and drop services) or buying gifts and girls have to spend less on their expensive make-up kits. The money saved through being single can be spent on pampering yourself. You can party more, buy drinks and so on.

For all those foodies like me who love to eat and care less to hit the gym, singlehood has got another advantage. You can just chill and let go of yourself for a while. When you are far away from a relationship, you don’t have to worry about looking like the next Ranbir Kapoor or Deepika Padukone. Just be sure that you’re able to cut down on your weight when you decide to get back into the game.

What next? Singlehood lets you booze till you crash out and without the tedious task of asking for ‘permission’. Relationship is another word for compromise. It makes you sacrifice a lot of things (including booze, cricket matches or extra French fries and chocolates).

When you’re single, you have plenty of time to treat yourself with all of this. You become your own boss and are not answerable to anybody. This also means that you won’t indulge in fights and arguments. No girl will stop boozing and no guy will make you count the calories you have gained after eating a slab of chocolate.