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Critics' review: watch Commando for Vidyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jamwal starrer action-thriller Commando has got mixed reactions from reviewers. While the storyline has been badgered the action has received some praise. Go for this if you're an out and out Vidyut fan.

bollywood Updated: Apr 12, 2013 15:54 IST
Vidyut Jamwal,Commando,Bollywood

Vidyut Jamwal starrer action-thriller Commando has got mixed reactions from reviewers. While the storyline has been badgered the action has received some praise. Go for this if you're an out and out Vidyut fan.


Dilip Ghosh


Vidyut Jamwal, Pooja Chopra, Jaideep Ahlawat


Karanvir Dogra [Vidyut Jammwal], a commando with the Indian Army, crashes into the Chinese territory. After being detained for a year in China and labeled an Indian spy, Karan escapes from the Chinese side and crosses into Himachal Pradesh. As Karan crosses into Punjab, India, he runs into Simrit [Pooja Chopra], who is escaping from Amrit aka AK47's [Jaideep Ahlawat] goons. Amrit wants to forcibly marry Simrit.

Karan bashes up the goons and in turn, invites the ire of Amrit. Together, Karan and Simrit escape into the jungles, when cornered by Amrit and his cronies. Thus begins a cat and mouse game between Amrit and Karan in the deep forests... Director Dilip Ghosh stays true to the essence of the premise and promises never-witnessed-before action in Commando.

Taran Adarsh, Bollywood Hungama
Rating: ***1/2

Commando is expected to change the action landscape of Bollywood, with Vidyut partaking in never-witnessed-before action sequences, hand-to-hand combat, mid-air splits and somersaults, extreme acrobatics et al, all done *without* body double or cables, but by the actor himself. In that respect, Commando takes action in Hindi movies to another level. The skeptics may argue, we have seen it all in movies starring Tony Jaa, but Commando is, perhaps, the first Hindi movie that attempts to showcase a series of death-defying, high-octane stunts performed by the lead man himself. Naturally, Vidyut is being peddled as the new action hero of Bollywood.

Commando clearly belongs to Vidyut and the liberty of watching him crushing everything and everyone in sight leaves you tongue-tied. By doing the stunts without a body double or cables, he fits into the definition of India's Next Gen action hero without a hitch. He's a fine actor too, although it's the action that takes precedence over histrionics here. Pooja Chopra couldn't have asked for a better launch pad. Sure, Commando is, at heart, an action fare, but as the reels unfold, you realize her role in the film has shades that are essential for a Hindi film heroine and Pooja gives it her best shot. She's photogenic, but most significantly, comes across as a poised and self-assured actress. Jaideep Ahlawat delivers an unparalleled performance, yet again. He's one of the finest talents around and even though he plays the conventional baddie, he will be recalled in the same breath as the protagonist of the film. Darshan Jariwala is alright in a cameo.

Verdict: On the whole, Commando is vintage good versus evil saga in a strikingly new avatar. A high-voltage action fare that's racy, pulsating and packed with some adrenaline-pumping stunts. Watch it! team

Though the film is bearable, thanks to a certain Vidyut Jamwal and his exceptional stunts but Commando fails on the script front as the narrative is too loosely bound. With a not-so-gripping story and abundant lack of emotions in most portions, the script gets major thumbs down.

Commando is definitely a One Man Army, all the way. The man here in question is Vidyut Jamwal. Jamwal, who looted all hearts with full Force some one and half years ago brings back his voluminous talents to the fore, giving away one of the best action performances in this decade. From climbing roofs to walk-past-sliding-car-windows, this B-town hunk made it look like a cakewalk, Rajnikanth ishtyle, but with a lot more flourish and conviction!

Verdict: Watch Commando for Vidyut Jamwal as he pours his heart and his brains out to deliver an unmatchable action packed performance, easily establishing himself as the newest contender for the Khiladi tag!

Subhash K. Jha, IANS
Rating: ***

Without the risk of exaggeration we can ‘safely’ say Vidyut Jamwal takes the kind of risks in his action scenes that we haven’t seen in any screen-hero from any part of the world. The choreographic precision with which Vidyut flips, somersaults, and fells his adversaries is a sign of an exceptionally skilled action-hero.

Te be sure, a star is born in Commando. We saw Vidyut completely upstage John Abraham in the hand-to-hand heart-in-mouth fight scenes in Force. Now, Vidyut proves himself a maestro of unequalled sinewy skills, gliding rather than fighting, pre-empting the adversary’s moves almost like a chess game.

It’s a one-man-show off all the way. Pooja shows flashes of talent when she isn’t busy brazenly aping Kareena Kapoor’s voluble-Punjabi act from Jab We Met.

Not her fault. If the hero is a silent seething ball of implosive fire, and the heroine is a talkative Punjabi girl who runs away from home to escape an unwanted marriage, ‘phir toh boss “Jab We Met” banta hai’.

To its credit Commando creates a climate of clenched conflict for the hero to vent his voluminous talent as a martial artiste.

Verdict: Indeed, a star is born.

And here is a counterpoint...

Mayank Shekhar, Daily Bhaskar

Rating: *1/2

Action for action’s sake is martial art at best, hardly a full length feature film. As you get pounded by the sound and fury of breaking bones and flying humans for over two hours non-stop, you realise this could essentially be a deeply unsatisfying, passive form of mortal combat video game where you’ll never have a console in your hands and the hero will return even if he’s shot in the tummy and thrown off a cliff with his head pointed to the rocks.

The only prize this picture is likely to get is for saving us from old super-stars (Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar etc) flexing their middle-aged mooskals living on supplements or steroids. The main guy in this dumb actioner, Vidyut Jamwal, 34, truly looks the part, and as we’re told at the beginning of the film, he does his own stunts without using any external support and these are things you mustn’t try at home because only he can.

This corny man is a commando. You don’t know what’s a Commando? Let the colonel tell you: Commando woh hota hai who weighs 65 kilos but can jump from over 20,000 feet and can run for 60 kilometres carrying a 50 kilo weight. He is equal to an army of 10,000 soldiers. I can see. Someday, make a proper film with him. We’d like to see that too.

Verdict: Commando is a dumb actioner.

First Published: Apr 12, 2013 15:12 IST