Heather Graham in Bollywood film?

On her second trip to India, Hollywood hottie Heather Graham admits she’s in talks with a top producer to star in Hindi film. She last visited India almost a decade ago and is still excited about “the amazing place”. Prashant Singh reports.

bollywood Updated: Nov 27, 2011 18:02 IST
Prashant Singh
Prashant Singh
Hindustan Times

She last visited India almost a decade ago. And as Hollywood star Heather Graham makes her second trip to the country, she is still excited about “the amazing place”.

“India is very special. And I would love to work in such a country,” says Heather, who was seen at a party hosted by NFDC Film Bazaar and Incredible India at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa, where she’s currently promoting her 3D live-action movie, The Flying Machine.

Her wish to work in the country might come true, given that she claims to be in talks with an Indian producer for a Bollywood film. “I’ve already talked to someone and I hope it works out,” she says, refusing to divulge any details. “I can’t name him right now, though the project is interesting. I’ll wait to see how things go. When you hear about it, you’ll know what I was talking about.”

Heather Graham

Currently on a 10-day visit, Heather says she and boyfriend Jason want to “look around and enjoy India.” But unlike 10 years ago, she has no plans to visit Mumbai, saying, “We aren’t going there this time. The last time I came to India was for a magazine photo shoot, and I visited Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Jaisalmer and Kerala.”

While her last trip may have been low-key, this time, Heather met actor Shah Rukh Khan who attended IFFI’s opening ceremony. “I met the big star who came on the opening night (SRK),” she says with a smile. “It was very brief, but he is sweet and charming.”

Despite being unable to recall the Bollywood leading man’s name, Heather insists she’s seen Shah Rukh on screen. “I have surely watched some of his movies because I recognised him immediately. But I can’t recall the names of the films. He came up with a superb speech too,” she gushes.

Calling Bollywood movies ‘great fun’, Heather admits she’d like to give them a try, saying, “I have seriously thought of acting in Indian films,” before bringing up Mike Myers’ The Guru (2002) starring Jimmy Mistry. “I have already done a Hollywood film that had a Bollywood number,” she smiles. “I feel it’s an actor’s dream to get to sing and dance, wear nice make-up and costumes. I love it.”

First Published: Nov 27, 2011 12:33 IST