Actor Raveena Tandon resumed shoot in Himachal Pradesh recently.
Actor Raveena Tandon resumed shoot in Himachal Pradesh recently.

Raveena Tandon: Someone said recently ‘sad we can’t be human anymore’, I replied we stopped being human long time ago

While the world has undergone a change amid the pandemic, actor Raveena Tandon says things have transformed on a film set, too.
Hindustan Times | By Rishabh Suri, New Delhi
UPDATED ON DEC 09, 2020 03:31 PM IST

Raveena Tandon is finally back to doing what she loves the most- shooting, and that too for her web debut. She took to social media recently to share with her followers the kind of experience she had while shooting in Dalhousie.

On what made her step out after all these months in the Covid 19 era, she says, “I think it’s great. I was working until now from home, I shot a couple of ads. We have to learn the new normal, and can’t really help it. This has become the way of life — crew in PPE suits, it’s changed.”

The 46-year-old says things have transformed on set too. “Someone told me recently ‘it’s sad that we can’t be human anymore. I said ‘human beings stopped being human a very long time ago, so this planet is teaching us a lesson’, we had taken it for granted,” she says.


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A lot of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) had to be put into place for television and film shoots to resume. Tandon has seen the industry from close quarters right from the time she was born to producer-director Ravi Tandon. As an actor, she is used to seeing hundreds of people on set together.

That number must have drastically reduced on the set of her web show. She says, “Honestly, the sad part is a lot of people are without jobs, the daily wage workers. A lot of unemployment has gone down, a correction has happened. Like people would unnecessarily splurge on big units.”

She compares it with things in the times she had started off. “It was still more basic then. Then one started hearing a hair stylist would have their assistant, a make up person would have their own, you have your manager, and they would have their own assistant. It started becoming an entourage of 10-15 people. We used to earlier travel with just four people, including ourselves. That correction is made,” reveals Tandon.

The burden that would come on the head of the producers due to this increase in entourage is something the actor knows very well. “I have been a producer’s daughter, and a producer myself, so I know the pain a producer goes through. I think that’s why producers would repeat me in their two-three films at times earlier, you become a pleasure than a burden to work with,” she signs off.

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