Sona Mohapatra said that nepotism must come to an end.
Sona Mohapatra said that nepotism must come to an end.

Sona Mohapatra says Kangana Ranaut ‘takes full advantage of the toxic star system’, adds nepotism must be wiped out

Sona Mohapatra said that actual content creators like writers were not rewarded in the film industry and only actors benefitted from the success of films.
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UPDATED ON JUL 22, 2020 05:22 PM IST

Singer Sona Mohapatra weighed in on the insider-outsider debate in Bollywood and said that actors get ‘disproportionate returns’ from the success of a film, while ‘actual creators of content like writers’ are not rewarded. When asked if she is on the side of the ‘nepotistic incestuous ones’, she said she did not have to choose between the two options given to her. She also claimed that actor Kangana Ranaut is taking ‘full advantage’ of the toxic star system.

On Wednesday, Sona tweeted, “Insider ho ya outsider.When it comes to this ‘category’,mostly it’s ‘I Me Myself’. Narcissistic,self-absorbed & zero concern for the 100 others who actually make a good film happen which gives only this ‘category’ disproportionate returns.The rest can keep slogging. Who cares.”

“A system that does not reward actual creators of content like writers but keeps making ‘stars’ out of one lot-‘heros-heroines’is likely to reap nothing glorious in the long run.Just more mediocrity.Nepotism flourishes cus audiences allow it to.The toxic ‘Star System’ is the same,” she added in another tweet.

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When asked to choose if she sided with the ‘nepotistic incestuous’ group or the others, Sona said that it was not necessarily a choice between this or that. “I don’t have to take any of ‘these’ sides actually. I see things for what they are. Nepotism & incest must be wiped out. Yes. At the same time Kangana Ranaut takes full advantage of the toxic ‘star system’, oppressing others herself. She is just as much of a player of this game,” she wrote.

Kangana called out nepotism in a recent interview and alleged that she was targetted by the ‘movie mafia’ after the success of Tanu Weds Manu Returns. She claimed that the heavyweights of Bollywood sabotage the careers of outsiders who do not bow down to their whims and fancies. She also said that every time she fought against nepotism, there were ‘needy outsiders’ like Taapsee Pannu and Swara Bhasker who denied its existence and expressed their admiration for Karan Johar.

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