Sunanda Pushkar's death: Bollywood speaks on celeb marriages

With Sunanda Pushkar’s sudden demise leading to much speculation, Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Malaika Arora Khan and Mahesh Bhatt speak on celeb relationships and the strains involved.

bollywood Updated: Jan 19, 2014 12:30 IST
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With Sunanda Pushkar’s sudden demise leading to much speculation, Bollywood celebs speak on hot topics surrounding the high-profile death

You need to be in love: Kareena Kapoor

As far as my marriage (with actor Saif Ali Khan) is concerned, I don’t feel any pressure.

Saif and I spend time together, and by ourselves as well. We do our own thing.

Besides, we have our personal lives that are actually kept private. We don’t talk much about it and we prefer it that way. We give each other ample amount of space. Also, I think that since we’re travelling constantly, when we spend time together, we enjoy it. More importantly, there’s a lot of love and respect in our relationship. You need to be in love.

(As told to Shalvi Mangaokar)

Scrutiny can strain a marriage: Malaika Arora Khan

Everyone wonders what the secret is, but I think there’s no secret. A celebrity marriage isn’t different from any other marriage, but a celebrity couple is always in the eye of the public, and there’s constant scrutiny. That can strain a celebrity marriage.

(Excerpts from an earlier interview with Malaika)

People need to be more tolerant and less judgemental: Priyanka Chopra

Social media can and does affect people’s lives very much. I feel, people need to be more tolerant and less judgemental towards each other. Today, the world is getting extremely critical in general about everything.

We should just live and let live. Who are we to tell anyone what to do or what to put up? The day we come to that, it would mean intolerance has set in.

We should let people make their individual decisions (about disclosing their private matters on social networking sites).

(As told to Kavita Awaasthi)

Extra-marital affairs are a reality: Mahesh Bhatt

Why should this topic be restricted to celebrities? It is only because they are in the limelight that their extra-marital affairs are written and spoken about. I don’t think the average person is above this so-called temptation, but a celebrity gets noticed because of the unique world he or she is living in. question comes from the belief in the one man-one woman custom. Over the years, you find that people have flaunted or violated this system. It is not new. Permanence is a problem.

Love or happiness, nothing is permanent. I have no prescription on how to tackle temptation. You have enough priests to tell how to do that. It’s said that if you violate the sanctity of marriage, then you will rot in hell.

Aren’t people still violating it? Man has a sweet tooth for sex. In the second decade of the 21st century, extra-marital affairs are a reality. When you get caught, you are punished, humiliated and attacked.

Most of the people who hurl abuses at the so-called offenders are guilty themselves. In spite of knowing that, they continue to throw stones at others. I have no fresh prescription. The answer is simple — if you break the traffic rule and are caught, you will be penalised.

(As told to Shalvi Mangaokar)

First Published: Jan 19, 2014 12:01 IST