Afzal Ahmed's poetry: Unfalsified pictures

Afzal Ahmed's poetry, originally written in Urdu, is simply brilliant.

books Updated: Mar 28, 2015 10:15 IST
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Afzal Ahmed's poetry, originally written in Urdu, is simply brilliant. Sample some of the lines:


Where the end of love is marked above the closed door I saw the full moon and said the invocation for the rising moon

You chained my heart and I began to bark

If you wish with a delicate chain like this you could tie a broken branch to the marked tree that the timber merchant would cut down this season

The chain heart starts to lick your feet and you said This dog has become mad just as in a tale a blind man, upon restoration of his sight spurned his seeing-eye dog

If you wish I could recite to you the poem that I read when I used to speak and was unaware through how many doors the gnashing of my teeth could be heard

The poet said: My heart is a hound I am setting it after your scent You were unfaithful to me You eloped with another man My heart will mangle that man's genitals and your calf in his jaw drag you back to me.

A poet's heart is a hound/ And the heart of a chained man is a chained dog This dog has become mad It has swallowed its chain Perhaps your fingers too that are cold as stone and unfaithful like this chain that could tether any dog

You called the veteriniarian and smiling into his eyes decided my fate for me The end of love was marked/ perhaps by someone else/ not you whose script is locked in my heart like the secret at which I first learned to bark

First Published: Mar 28, 2015 09:12 IST