5 new year health workarounds 
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5 new year health workarounds 

One week into 2017, here’s how to keep your resolutions for the whole year

brunch Updated: Jan 07, 2017 19:24 IST
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Every year, millions of people make new year’s resolutions, only to drift off track. One of the commonest reasons why these resolutions do not work is that they are simply too tough!

However, there are some workarounds (a Western word for jugaad) that can help.

1. Change ‘I will lose weight’ to ‘will eat these five healthy things’

The five healthy things could include roastednuts, green tea (or any herbal or floral tea), a mix of fruits (fruit chaat will also work), more steamed foods such as idli, dhokla and momos, and one new grain every week, such as oats, quinoa, ragi or barley.

2. Change ‘I will exercise’ to ‘I willtake care of my body’

Take care of your body by:

• Setting an alarm to sleep on time so you have enough sleep.

• Massaging your body every fortnight with oils. This relaxes the body and is good for the skin. It is particularly useful for seniors.

• Getting a fitness tracker or a smart health scale which will push you to do something about fit body parameters.

• Signing up online with a group engaged in a hobby of your choice. If like-minded people are not near your home, there are enough around you, and the right group will help you make changes.

3. Detox

You can detox your body, mind and even your emotions. The body detox is obviously the easiest: use detox products like aloe vera juice, triphala powder, detox teas and lots of water. Supplement with naturopathy procedures once or twice a year.

Decluttering is detoxi-fication in a way. Sometimes, giving up stuff (materially or emotionally) really helps create space for better things.

4. Strengthen the body

Body strength can be improved by chyawanprash (builds immunity), vitamin D and B12 supplements (if there are deficiencies), protein powders (they really help conserve muscle mass among over 35s), organic honey (builds immunity) and milk thistle as a liver tonic.

5. Find andconnect with happy, energetic people

Being in the right company always helps.


From HT Brunch, January 8, 2016

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First Published: Jan 07, 2017 19:24 IST