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Find out what’s all that fuss about #AirportLooks

Read on to know how you could pick yours and should you really bother...

brunch Updated: Mar 25, 2017 21:23 IST
Lubna Salim
Lubna Salim
Hindustan Times
Varun Dhawan,Deepika Padukone,Kangana Ranaut
(Yogen Shah)

The world of fashion and dressing up, #airportlooks today are all-too-important. Celebrities snapped by the paparazzi are featured every other day in lifestyle papers, causing a buzz and chatter among fans and detractors. In the world of real people, dressing to travel has gone from dressing down in the name of comfort, to dressing up for a reason (read: business class upgrades!). As it turns out, you needn’t be on the extreme end of either spectrum any more. For “comfort wear” can also be fashionable wear. Are jogger jeans your style, or over-sized hoodies your thing? India’s top fashionistas help you figure out…

Hey girl!

Deepika Padukone

Dressed in a plaid shirt layered amid a T-shirt and a trench coat , Deepika likes a simple landing at times. On other occasions, she’s all crisp professionalism, with a poncho over a shirt and blue jeans . Then there’s her young traveller look, in a buttoned, off-shoulder dress . Her airport looks are built around comfort: the layers help deal with unstable temperatures and the outfits don’t look wrecked after travel.

How to filch Deepika’s look

According to designer Rocky S, Deepika’s style is crisp and simple to put together. Make sure you have plain T-shirts in basic colours to use as a base to layer up. “Push the sleeves of your trench coat up to your elbows, and do a simple fold roll with the plaid shirt to make the layers look cohesive,” he says. Knee-high boots and a bag are necessities. If the poncho is your thing, let it be the star of the ensemble. Keep the other colours light, says Rocky. Wear fringed boots and a matching vibrant tasselled sling bag. And if you choose the dress, go for a comfortable fit, recommends Rocky S. “Opt for light fabrics like cotton and a pair of white sneakers,” he adds.

Bring on the bod

Akshay Kumar

Checked shirt and coloured pants , sweatshirt and trackpants , and sweatpants with T-shirt and sweater – Akshay does not like a fuss when he flies. But look a little closer. While these outfits scream comfort, it is clear that some thought went into styling them. Akshay’s checked shirt and coloured trousers wouldn’t look as good on him as they do if they hadn’t been cleverly contrasted. The gym look could be a couch potato/slob look if Akshay didn’t have the body he does. And the sweater/sweatpants look? It’s all about the silhouette. No fuss? We don’t think so.

How to filch Akshay’s look

For designer Nida Mahmood, is artful. “The USP of this look revolves around the colour combination of the shirt and trousers. Based on the colour of the bottoms, opt for a T-shirt that goes with the colour of the checked shirt,” she says. Rolling up the shirt sleeves is a great idea. Carry a cool duffle bag, put on a pair of shades and slip into a pair of comfortable sneakers or casual tie-up shoes.

The gym look can be easily pulled off (provided you have the bod for it), but Nida recommends neutral colours . “Team the ensemble with a pair of running shoes and buy an edgy shoulder bag to complete the look.”For , pick up a sweater in a deep hue and a T-shirt in a similar colour palette. Pair with neutral-hued lowers, add a baseball cap and a cool men’s bag.

Plane powerful

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana’s airport look, to judge by these images, is always sharp, whether it’s casual , or powerful and . She has built her fashion reputation on looking different, always.

How to filch Kangana’s look

A printed pantsuit with a T-shirt always looks great . But keep the colours light, says Rocky. He suggests a T-shirt with a graphic print or a slogan and heels to pull the whole casual-chic ensemble together. For, he recommends a dark shirt with a pantsuit in a lighter shade in the same colour palette. Accessorise with a simple shoulder bag, matching pumps and belt.” For , Rocky says pick a pencil skirt and pair with a striped tie-up top. Team these with a trench coat and pumps. “Invest in beige-coloured shoes and coats for, they can be worn with any outfit,” says the designer.

Flights of fancy

Ranveer Singh

Ranveer is edgy and that applies to his airport looks too. He pulls off a bomber jacket with a plain tee and jeans with style , is literally eye-popping in this track suit , and downright riotous in his gaming character outfit .

How to filch Ranveer’s look

Bomber jackets can be plain old bomber jackets or they could be seriously cool. Ranveer does seriously cool. “Pick bold printed bomber jackets that end below the waist,” says Rocky. Team with ripped denims, sneakers, a cool baseball cap and a pair of sunnies. For , he says: “Don’t shy away from quirky prints and colours, and avoid zipping up matching sweatshirts,” says Rocky. He adds that will work if the gaming character matches your personality. “Flaunt the one-leg-pulled-up trend and stop two inches below the knee.”

Simple deception

Ranbir Kapoor

Here’s the thing about Ranbir. Fabulous actor though he is, he often looks like a regular guy, making it hard to figure out the style beneath the substance. His basic grey shirt with a jacket , for instance, seems like comfort uber alles, but look a little closer, and you see how deceptively simple it is. The same can be said about the military vibe jacket, teamed with a tee and jeans , and the jacket, tee and jeans ensemble in classic colours .

How to filch Ranbir’s look

Simple as appears, selecting a jacket requires some thought, according to Rocky. “The length of the jacket can change the entire look of the outfit so choose a longer one.” “Then team with a cotton shirt in a neutral shade and a pair of light wash blue denims.” Rocky also recommends matching the jacket with a pair of high-top sneakers and a bright, graphic cap. For , Rocky says: “Layer the olive-hued inside-out jacket from Diesel on a long-sleeved cotton T-shirt that peeks out from the jacket’s sleeve, pair it with washed blue denims, and complete the street style vibe with a beanie.” Elegant and fuss-free in , grey jeans are paired with a maroon tee. “Experiment with different neck styles,” says Rocky. “Throw on a jacket and round off with classic brogues.”

Exactly what works

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Kareena is… Kareena. You never know what she’ll wear when. Her style has always been eclectic, which means she doesn’t have a specific airport look. While she does the same jeans-tee-shirt thing as many other people on a long flight , on Kareena,

it looks put together. So does the tartan shirt with jeans . But then she blows you away with the boho floor-length outfit , which brings us back to what we said about Kareena to begin with: she’s eclectic.

How to filch Kareena’s look

Everyone does layers, but no one does them quite like Kareena. To get her jeans-tee-shirt vibe, wear a solid-hued basic fitted T-shirt under a check shirt, says Nida Mahmood. A normcore loose tee works just as well, she adds. Add a pair of weathered jeans, and a clean pair of white sports shoes.

It is easier to attain , since nothing looks cooler than tartan checks. “Red is a really cool colour, teamed with a fitted Lycra-based pair of denims,” says Nida. Add trainers in a matching or contrasting colour, reflective aviators, and a sling bag.

If you’re seeking the boho, summery charm of , Nida recommends a soft floral print on a lightweight fabric like flowy chiffon, georgette, rayon or even silk. “Wear chic shades, tie up your hair, and go for sporty shoes in colours complementing the print on the dress,” suggests Nida.

Laid-back look-at-me

Varun Dhawan

Varun Dhawan is cool and casual. That’s how he comes across on-screen and off it, and he’s the same at airports, as his layered shirt-tee-jeans outfit proclaims. But Varun’s not just any guy: he’s an actor and actors have style. So even the simple faux leather jacket over tee and jeans appears to have come out of a fashion mag. But it’s his surfer appearance in board shorts and open shirt that really attracts attention. Suddenly, laid-back Varun is look-at-me Varun, and we have to say the looking is worth it.

How to filch Varun’s look

Shirt over tee with jeans – how hard can it be to put that look together? Harder than you might expect, says Nida. “Go for a tartan check shirt and complementing tee,” says the designer. “But the key is to ensure that the colours are balanced. The pivot for this could either be the shirt or the trousers. In this case, the shirt is key. The pants are well coordinated with the colours of the shirt.” Round off the look with ankle-length sports shoes, a baseball cap, a sporty backpack and cool headphones.

Likewise, with its tee and leather jacket requires some thought. “Go for dark-hued, slim-fit jeans,” says Nida. “Wear chic formal shoes to achieve that cosmopolitan traveller look.” And don’t forget a pair of cool shades.

The sexy surfer guy look is easy to achieve, says Nida. A crisp, tailored white shirt with fun training shorts, running shoes, reflective shades and a sporty duffle bag, and you’re all set . “Remember, the shirt must not be buttoned down and the collar should not be double fused,” says Nida.

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