Satish Kaushik and Pankaj Kapoor as Nonie and Neetu
Satish Kaushik and Pankaj Kapoor as Nonie and Neetu

“I wanted people to be keener to watch us than the songs in PhilipsTopTen” says Pankaj Kapoor

“I had one objective. People should be keener to watch us than the songs,” says Pankaj Kapoor on Philips Top Ten
UPDATED ON JAN 09, 2016 07:57 PM IST

Why do you think people still remember Neetu (Kapur) and Nonie (Kaushik)?

It has to do with the madness of the actors and the honest way they portrayed their characters. It was so extempore! Satish and I would reach the sets a little early, sit down and over a cup of tea, just begin talking in a given situation like the characters.

We would do that for an hour and a half and then go into shooting. At other times, a script was there and we improvised. We never followed the script completely. When we met and decided to do this, I had one objective: people should be keener to watch us than the songs. I think by God’s grace we achieved it to some degree.

Was it hard work to create such crackling chemistry with Satish Kaushik?

We were in acting school together. Satish was my junior at Delhi’s National School of Drama. So, if I asked ‘Wadda kaun?’ he had to answer ‘Tussi’ even in real life. Those are things we improvised upon. Way back in 1997, when Satish and I first thought of it, we decided: let’s do our own Santa-Banta routine. The rest of the stuff followed. Both of us knew how to make the characters interesting because each of us had our own points of interest. So both Neetu and Noni had to be as cool and as mad as possible and the humour happened. on its own.

From HT Brunch, January 10, 2016

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