I’m #Woke and I know it: Abhay Deol

Rebel and moody are old titles for actor Abhay Deol. The millennials call him #Woke, a title that he approves of
Abhay Deol says being opinionated in any industry is difficult(Getty Images)
Abhay Deol says being opinionated in any industry is difficult(Getty Images)
Updated on Jun 03, 2017 10:50 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | By Abhay Deol

Thanks to his recent social statements, Abhay Deol has moved from being Bollywood’s moody rebel to its Woke icon, a title the actor accepts proudly for HT Brunch

I’m up with my millennial talk, I know what woke is. And as a tag, woke is nice. It allows me to be more than just the rebel I am assumed to be. I can be woke at work too. I understand that my actions had made people describe me in a particular way before. The problem is that those tags had been going on for a really long time.

*Woke/vok- Adj - Alert to injustice in society, especially racism.
- We need to stay angry, and stay woke.
*Source: Oxford Dictionary

When I talk about subjects like patriarchy or sexism in the industry or anything else, I talk about them as Abhay the person and not Abhay the actor or influencer. Being aware is good, it’s almost essential. And it’s not just about my industry.Being opinionated in any industry is difficult. I don’t think people will necessarily hold it against me to speak out against things. I myself would be surprised if that happens. I don’t think anyone’s giving it that much attention. I want to presume that I don’t upset anyone at all. I’m not directing my views on any particular person. Let’s say, worst case scenario, if my opinions manage to upset someone, I’m still okay as long as it’s not causing any harm. At the end of the day, it’s also about picking your battles. As it is, there are enough battles out there to pick now. 

Take the conversation around feminism as an example. Feminism is much more than just the tag of a feminist. The idea is to sensitise the society about the basics of the movement. Once you’re sensitised, then the tag holds no meaning. The end result is what matters. If calling myself a feminist helps the movement, then I am a feminist. The demonising and the targeting is a part and parcel of the evolving nature of media today. You want to call me a ‘feminazi’, call me a feminazi. That’s not going to stop me from being me. Tags, tags, tags, see why I say we should discard them!

From HT Brunch, June 4, 2017

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