Laddoos for your skin? 5 Beauty hacks you probably didn’t know!

These crazy hacks are scathing imaginations this season
Get parlour-like services from the ingredients of your kitchen(Shutterstock)
Get parlour-like services from the ingredients of your kitchen(Shutterstock)
Updated on Oct 20, 2018 11:59 PM IST
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It’s that time of the year again when salon bookings are more difficult to procure than a last-minute visa to your favourite holiday destination. But what if you got parlour-like services from ingredients in your kitchen or puja thali? No kidding! You can actually glow like a goddess by incorporating marigold flowers, dried fruits and more in your beauty regimen!

Marigold flowers

These orange flowers used in pujas double as excellent blemish removers. “Just grind the flowers in a mixer along with some milk, add 1 tsp oatmeal to the paste and leave it on your face and neck. Wash off after five to seven minutes and see your skin transform!” says beauty expert Suparna Trikha Dewan.

Best for: Reducing dryness, blemishes and dull and patchy skin.

Skin laddoos

Wondering what to do with excess stock of dry fruits before they turn bitter post Diwali? Just make laddoos out of them, not to be had as dessert but to exfoliate your skin! “Take 100g almond and walnut powder and 50g crushed raisins, knead into little roundels using milk, and store in the fridge,” recommends Suparna. To use these, after cleansing the face take one skin laddoo and crush it to form a paste using bit of milk. Leave on for five minutes, dab with milk and scrub off.

“It’s as good as a one-hour facial,” adds Suparna.

Best for: Exfoliating, softening and de-tanning.

Moringa and wheatgrass

If your skin and hair is growing duller by the day, mix one tablespoon each of moringa and wheatgrass powder in warm water and drink it in the morning, says beauty expert and author Vasudha Rai. “To make this more potent, add some grated amla to it,” she adds.

Best for: Dull skin and hair

Castor, almond and avocado oil

For those losing sleep over a receding hairline, and thinning brows and lashes this simple hack will be easy to crack! Mix 50ml each of almond, olive and avocado oil. Store this in a bottle and apply it with an old and washed mascara wand before going to sleep. “Castor oil thickens hair, almond oil is rich in vitamin E, while avocado oil has great nourishing properties,” explains Suparna.

Best for: Hair loss and renewal.

Activated charcoal

Ever thought activated charcoal could cleanse your skin? Shonali Sabherwal, macrobiotic nutritionist and chef, has the perfect recipe up her sleeve. “Take 1 tbs of activated charcoal and mix with 1 tbs of fresh aloe vera gel and apply on your face,” she recommends. The activated charcoal sucks the impurities from your skin while aloe vera soothes inflamed pores and is ant-inflammatory!

Best for: Soothing, cleansing and repairing skin.

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