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Ladies, these shiny make-up terms are very perplexing. So here’s a guide

Ladies, these shiny make-up terms are very perplexing. So here’s a guide

brunch Updated: Apr 07, 2015 19:04 IST
Rachel Lopez
Rachel Lopez
Hindustan Times

Ladies, all these shiny make-up terms are very perplexing, we know. So here’s a guide

If it says: SHIMMER
Expect: Tiny particles of shiny stuff – you can’t count individual bits. But you can spread them easily.
Best for: After-office cocktails, sophisticated glamour, when you want to show you at your least tried.


Expect: The same stuff, only a little finer and a lot more expensive. for: HD cameras and when you’re a slide under a microscope.

If it says: GLITTER
Expect: Larger gleaming particles that you can individually tell apart. May scratch.
Best for: Idiots who spend 1 hour getting ready for 45 minutes in a nightclub. In the dark.

If it says: SPARKLES
Expect: Huge chunks of glitter that you can sort with bare hands.
Best for: Craft Day in kindergarten, Tinkerbell when she’s drunk, a tranny who’s trying too hard.


Expect: A cream or powder with a light gleam, or light pearl finish for some, but not all, parts of your face

Best for: Turning someone like Kim Kardashian into Mrs Kanye West. it says: FROST

Expect: A product that reflects stark white regardless of its base colour.

Best for: Rekha getting ready for her danceoff in Khoon Bhari Maang, parlourwalis who still do ’80s bridal makeup.

Expect: Witchcraft
Best for: Beauty bloggers who spend Rs 4,000+ for something that is undetectable in photos or in real life. And write “indiscernible but definite glow” in their posts as buyer’s remorse.

From HT Brunch, March 8
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First Published: Mar 07, 2015 15:21 IST