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NH10: Seat belts optional because…

…like most recent suspense/thrillers, this road-trip-gone-wrong will throw minimum-to-zero spooks/surprises your way.

brunch Updated: Apr 07, 2015 17:46 IST
Nihit Bhave
Nihit Bhave
Hindustan Times
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…like most recent suspense/thrillers, this road-trip-gone-wrong will throw minimum-to-zero spooks/surprises your way.

Disclaimer: This is not a review. It is a humble request to writers of Bollywood’s suspense/thrillers.

If you’ve managed to create even an ounce of sympathy for your unfairly-trapped protagonist, chances are that the entire cinema hall is working towards an escape plan for them.

We're anticipating your protagonist’s moves, we’re watching out for baddies masquerading as good Samaritans and we're chalking out Plan Bs and Cs (arre, par woh uss car ke peeche kyun nahi chupi?? and more). In that case, dear writers of suspense/thrillers, your only job is to throw a genuine, dramatic twist our way.

You literally have one job: Surprise us!

I’ll admit that


was a thoroughly decent film. But it was no great shakes. And that is mainly because [SPOILER ALERT] the team decided to throw three to four scenes from the big climax of the film into its first trailer! Why they did this, is beyond me.

Especially given it’s a gritty chase-film, with broadly two possibilities: either the protagonist gets away or gets killed. Simple.

Now, I might have been in the company of some really hyperactive minds, who knows? But the theater that I watched the film in was full of whispers about the next big twist, a good two minutes before its revelation on the screen.

So we were right there, with Meera (Anushka’s character), watching her stroll into a disaster, knowing how it would end for her.

The same happened to me when I watched


. Some time into the movie, I realised that Varun Dhawan’s displaced anger is going to displace the entertainment quotient of the film for me.

And even in


– it was one of those Kashyap films that I was ready to love unconditionally – the fantastic build-up throughout the film made the big reveal seem ho-hum.

Whatever happened to suspense/thrillers that actually left you wide-eyed and questioning your intuition? Like

Gupt, Kaun



where you came away cursing yourself for not having seen what was coming. I just want to see a thriller that makes me stop digging into my overpriced popcorn and pay undivided attention. Is that too much to ask for? I think not!

PS: Can we also have dark films where the actual subject matter is dark? Let’s stop calling overly violent films, ‘dark’, yeah?

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From HT Brunch, March 14
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First Published: Mar 14, 2015 16:33 IST