Outfit and styling, Ayushi Bhardwaj(Vishal Seth)
Outfit and styling, Ayushi Bhardwaj(Vishal Seth)

Personal Agenda with Divya Dutta: If I woke up as a man one day, I would go back to sleep again!

The National Award-winning actress talks about love, life, and movies
Hindustan Times | By Veenu Singh
UPDATED ON JAN 18, 2020 11:47 PM IST

If not an actress, what would you have been?

A psychiatrist, as I was a student of psychology.

What’s the best thing about Bollywood?

That the crew on every film set becomes like a family.

An actor you really admire...?

Shabana Azmi and Mr (Amitabh) Bachchan. The way he reinvents himself every now and then is an inspiration.

A genre of film that you would love to do?

Comedy. I have shot for one and would love to do more.

The theme song of your life is...?

Never Say Never by Justin Bieber.

One relationship advise your mother gave you...?

Be honest and jiyo aur jeene do (live and let live)!


Date of birth: September 25

Sunsign: Libra

Place of birth: Amritsar

Home town: Ludhiana

School/college: Sacred Heart Convent School/Government College For Girls, Ludhiana

First break: The film Ishq Mein Jeena Ishq Mein Marna (1994)

High point of your life: Winning the National Award for Irada in 2018

Low point of your life: Losing my mom three years ago

What works best for you in terms of social media?

A smiling picture.

Define love.

Love for me is the basis of my very being.

Are you a romantic or a realist?

A hardcore romantic.

What’s your fitness mantra?

I believe fitness is all about feeling healthy inside out. I think it’s very important to be mentally fit as well.

The craziest thing a fan did for you...?

A fan proposed to me several times.

How do you handle trolls?

I ignore them mostly, but sometimes I give it back.

If you woke up as a man one day, you would…?

On my phone

Most used app: WhatsApp

Last person I call before sleeping: A friend... Shhh!

First app i check in the morning: WhatsApp

Last insta post: No make-up, post shoot look. No layers (pun intended).

Favourite filter on Instagram: No filter

Go back to sleep again!

Are you a mountain or a beach person?

A mountain person, but I just took a beach vacation and loved it.

What’s one thing that no one knows about you?

That I can’t be a b***h. I always feel guilty later if I behave rudely with anyone.

Your strategy in a crisis is...?

To remember, this too shall pass.

How do you de-stress?

Reading, listening to music or playing with my nephew and Sakhi (my dog).

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