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SRK was my first Bollywood crush: Richa Chadha

Richa Chadha, the star of films such as Masaan and Gangs of Wasseypur, says it as it is.

brunch Updated: Sep 25, 2015 12:12 IST
Nihit Bhave
Nihit Bhave
Hindustan Times
Richa Chadha,Shah Rukh Khan,Masaan
Richa Chadha has got wide acclaim for her recent release, Masaan.

Your first reaction to the announcement of Gangs of Wasseypur 3.


The best compliment you received for Masaan while you were at Cannes.

[Italian actress] Isabella Rossellini said it was a powerful and difficult role that I pulled off.

Which Hollywood celebrity were you most star-struck by, when you first went to Cannes?

Marion Cotillard. She’s been my idol for several years. I studied some of her films as reference for my work.

If you had to choose a role in a hypothetical Sholay remake, which would you choose?

I’d love to play Jai.

Coffee with Karan or wine with Anurag?

Breakfast with both on the same table.

An old indie film you wish you were a part of and why?

Bhumika (1977). It was about the life of an actor and Smita Patil performed it with so much nuance, ease and elegance.

The “ St Stephen’s stereotype” that fits you

I am a grammar Nazi.

An actor you’d pay to take tips from.

SRK. He’s the full package.

An actor you’d give tips to for free.

I don’t do what I am good at, for free!

If you were allowed two fashion faux pas all your life, what would they be?

A big, ornamental crown and an eyepatch.

The last TV show you binge-watched.

Modern Family.

A cult classic you tell everybody you’ve seen, but secretly haven’t.

Kaagaz Ke Phool (1959).

What is it even like being part Bihari and part Punjabi? What language do you swear in?

Who told you I swear? That’s just for the movies. It’s very cool because both cultures are diverse.

On a sleepless night, which would you prefer: 4am friend or 4am snack?

4am friend to share the 4am snack with. It would be something spicy or fried and it would be someone worth hanging out with till dawn.

At gunpoint, which would you choose: A potboiler with five scenes to your name or an item song in a Khan film.

An item song in a Khan film.

Your first Bollywood crush was…

SRK. When I saw him in Maya Memsaab (1993), I couldn’t believe such charisma could exist.

The superhero you’d like to date and why?

Iron Man. Because of the actor [Robert Downey Jr] who plays him currently.

The best and the worst part about being an outsider in Bollywood.

The best part is that I get to call my achievements my own. The worst part is that we don’t have anyone to turn to for advice. It’s like always being a tenant even when you have the money to buy your own house.

The reason that’s getting you most excited about Pooja Bhatt’s thriller, Cabaret.

I love that she is an actor too and understands my insecurities. She has tremendous faith in me

and it will show on screen.

The last line of your autobiography would read…

“She’s around the corner.”

From HT Brunch, September 20

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First Published: Sep 22, 2015 16:08 IST