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The best part about being a woman is not having facial hair! Kangana Ranaut at her witty best

The Queen of Bollywood and of controversies opens up about growing up in the hills, being an outsider in the industry, and being single in the city

brunch Updated: May 27, 2017 22:11 IST
Ananya Ghosh
Ananya Ghosh
Hindustan Times
Kangana Ranaut,Queen,Simran
Kangana Ranaut says it is her inner naivety that helps her get into the skin of a character easily (Photo: Satish Bate)
Quick Facts:
  • Sunsign: Aries
  • Date of Birth: March 23
  • Place of Birth: Himachal
  • School/College: Hill View Public School and DAV Public School, Chandigarh
  • Debut: Gangster (2006)
  • Low Point: The acid attack on my sister
  • High Point: Queen (2014)
  • Currently she is... Apart from her films, she recently walked the ramp for Manish Arora at the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour

What is the best thing about being an outsider in Bollywood for you?

Every experience I had or I am having here is first hand. I didn’t have anyone to warn me about anything or give me a rosy picture of this world. I took up the challenges as they came, without any preconceived notions, and figured them out myself.

The best part about being a woman is?

You don’t have facial hair!

How is it having a brother and a sister?

With your sister, you can share all the girlie stuff while your brother is your partner in crime. Being the middle child, I have the best of both the worlds. So, I don’t really have friends because I don’t need anybody else!

The best thing about being single in the city is…?

You have all the time for yourself. But then, that is the only good thing about being single!

What’s been the best part about growing up in a small town?

Small town people live a very laid-back life. They are very sensitive and also a bit naive. There are two aspects to my profession — being an artist and the business part of it. Being from a small town, I am not that worldly wise but I think my naivety helps me get into the characters with greater ease.

I am very intuitive and easily invest my emotions in people. This is why over the years I have tried distance myself from people by creating a wall around me.

What is the most bizarre thing you have ever done?

I think when you are so insignificant in the scheme of things and decide to take on the giant, that is quite bizarre in itself!

And what gives you the courage to do so?

My ability to always follow what is right. In fact, I have made it a rule for myself to always do what is right in the scheme of things.

One superpower you wish you had...

I don’t wish. I know I have superpowers. But trust me it is no fun to have superpowers. I am extremely sensitive. When I am in a room, I mostly know what is going on inside each person around. Such knowledge is hardly fun. I am very intuitive and easily invest my emotions in people. This is why over the years I have tried distance myself from people by creating a wall around me. Apart from that, I believe I have the superpower to turn the world upside down.

One habit of yours that you want to get rid of...

I can’t remember names. Coming from the mountains, I still find it extremely difficult to pronounce complicated foreign names and often mix them up in my mind.

You have said you don’t really like being an actress…

I think it is a myth that I wanted to be an actress. I wanted to be creative and wanted to keep learning. As an actress, you get to see just one facet of my personality. But I pay equal importance to all the things I am. And I constantly thrive to learn and grow as a person, as well as an actor. Now I know I can act, I have proved my talent there, and I want to move on. I feel being an actor is just a step towards something much greater. This is just a pit stop and not my destination. I became an actress by accident; but I would love to have more such accidents!

Why do you want to become a director?

I find the job of a director quite fascinating. It is similar to that of a God. He someone who is watching over everyone, creating characters, situations, emotions...he is the reason behind all the goings-on. Vedanta says that one should live the emotions but not get attached to them. A director has the luxury to do so. But an actor needs to get attached, be swayed by the emotions in order to become the character. I like that sort of detachment the director enjoys even while being creative.

One thing that you learnt from your past relationships...

I don’t seem to learn anything, or else, why would I be making the same mistakes over and over again?!!.

The title of your biography would be...

A Mountain Girl .

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First Published: May 27, 2017 22:11 IST