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To help you navigate through the world of social media where existing words are getting new meanings every day and new words are coined out of thin air

brunch Updated: Oct 29, 2016 18:31 IST
Ananya Ghosh
Ananya Ghosh
Hindustan Times
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Just when you thought you are ready to face the digital world again, having deciphered the meanings of words such as Netflix and chill, bestie, and YOLO, netizens decided to have another upgrade of slangs they use, and a more bizarre one at that! Here are a few of them to put in your TIL (today I learnt) list. TML (Thank me later)!

Snatched:To begin with, if you are still using Fleek (which started its journey as ‘perfectly arched eyebrows’, more precisely Cara Delevingne’s), I am sorry to break this to you – you are so last season. Snatched is the new Fleek! If you are slaying it with those metallic foil eyeshadows, then they are ‘snatched’. The word means on-point or in-fashion.

Bae:Struggling to understand this new trend of calling the girlfriend bae? No, the kids are not treating their girls as their ‘bais (‘bae’ is pronounced as ‘bay’) and although in Danish it means ‘poop’, to the Instagram generation the word means ‘before anyone else’. This word is however, really beginner’s level. So catch up fast!

NSFL:You know what NSFW means. Stay away from clicking those links on your office computer. Instead, grab your mobile and sneakily feast your eyes on all that you ought not be seen seeing in public. But what about the NSFL content? Duh! If NSFW is Not Safe For Work, NSFL is a step further than that. These are things that are Not Safe For Life, and they’ll scar you forever. If you have watched the PPAP song, you’ll know what I am talking about.

Sus:No, we are not asking you to be silent. The word is simply a short form of suspect or suspicious and can also mean somebody who is shady, false or untrustworthy. Now, don’t sus me, these are LEGIT terms, yo! YW (You’re Welcome).

Legitness:If you are feeling smug that you know the full form of ‘legit’ is ‘legitimate’, think again! For although legit means real, ‘Legitness’ is a word one random kid just came up with to describe how ‘awesome’ a particular scooter trick was. And since then, it is a ‘legit’ word for awesomeness. So yes, go ahead and create your own!

Ship:No, I had not intended to pack Brangelina (can we still use that term, now that they’ve broken up? Sniff!) together and get them shipped to my house. ‘Ship’ simply means you want two people to be in a romantic relationship, or a romantic relationship you are batting for. Everybody can see a ship developing between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

OTP:Don’t get alarmed. They are not asking for your One Time Password. OTP simply means One True Pairing. The fandoms use this word to describe the famous pair they ship hard. To me, Brad and Angelina were my OTP. I have always shipped them.


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First Published: Oct 29, 2016 18:29 IST